worth, purpose and identity in christ is what it’s all about



I am a “real life” Christian woman working out her faith…ON THE DAILY!  I slip! I struggle! Me and Jesus got our own thing going!  Can I get an amen on that?

There are no super star Christians here!  I love to say that up front so none of you are disillusioned about who I am. I am just a girl who is real about growing in her faith even if that growth happens in baby steps but I am super passionate about being who He created me to be. This has involved Him stripping me then re-equipping me in many areas.

Check out the lower part of my “about” page to get a “snapshot” of my spiritual journey thus far. You’ll also see a little about my personal life as well. Trust me it will explain a lot.

If you have walked with Christ most of your life but you just feel like there is more then I’m the girl to have that conversation with. God is good!  He is way more intimate than we ever dreamed possible. This is my journey! So glad to share it with you. 




Our goal here is to show you that all of us can open the word of God and grow from it.





Let’s talk about everyday issues that all women have struggled with at one point in their life.





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I am a woman who encourages others to find their worth, purpose and identity in Christ.

God plans much bigger than we would ever dream.  He knows what He has purposed within each of us.

Hopefully my “ride” will encourage you to trust the journey. 

I am living proof God allows baby steps!


5 Minute Devo- Debt Cancellation

THE UNMERCIFUL SERVANT  -SPIRITUAL DEBT CANCELLATION- 5 MINUTE DEVO  Jesus is serious about our lack of forgiveness toward others. This parable pulls no punches about the consequences of unforgiveness. We all look at the "big sins" of this world but rarely dig deep...

5 Minute Devo- Don’t Bail To Quick

MIRACLES AFTER PERSECUTION DON'T BAIL TO QUICK 5 MINUTE DEVO  Paul and Silas were persecuted. They choose to be faithful in the middle of the persecution. There were miraculous consequences. Staying and allowing God to work during persecution can result in...

5 Minute Devo- Sleepiness and Harvest Time

THE PARABLE OF THE WHEAT AND THE TARES SLEEPINESS AND HARVEST TIME 5 MINUTE DEVO  Do you see it as your job to pluck "weeds" aka unbelievers out of your life? Do you find it necessary to help God with the harvest?  Have you ever really thought about that this...

5 Minute Devo-The Parable Of The Unjust Steward

THE PARABLE OF THE UNJUST STEWARD 5 MINUTE DEVO  What's your relationship with money?  Is it healthy?  It is God honoring?  This parable will help you do a quick heart check in this area !!!        

5 Minute Devo- Christians and Burnout

CHRISTIANS AND BURNOUT   Martha knew a few things about burnout. Burnout can happen in a split second. When we aren't balanced in our service and time of sitting at His feet you can bet your money burnout is headed own way. Learn the signs. When we become...

The Parable Of The Good Samaritan

THE PARABLE OF THE SAMARITAN   This is for the girl on the go! Do you love your neighbor as yourself? Who is your neighbor? Good questions. This scribe in scripture baits Jesus and asks some "digging" questions. Who knows its never good to bait Jesus or justify...

The Parable Of The Talents

THE PARABLE OF THE TALENTS   This is for the girl on the go! Do you have talents and resources you might not be using fully and investing them into this world? Let's talk about it. Jesus has entrusted some things to you. You might be overlooking them. Let's dive...

The Parable Of The Soils

PRODUCTIVITY IN THE KINGDOM  THE PARABLE OF THE SOILS   This is your 5 minute devotional on The Parable Of The Soils. Have you ever wondered why your Christian walk is stagnant? Sure it can be many things but have you ever thought it could be the status of your...

Recount The Goodness Of God

 RECOUNT THE GOODNESS OF GOD Recounting the goodness of God can give us the heart to engage in the next season that seems too big for us to conquer. Fear from the enemy can be squashed when we begin to remember His faithfulness in the past.    I am glad you're...

Lydia-The Pursued Woman

5 MINUTE DEVO OF THE LIFE OF LYDIA Lydia, the seller of purple was pursued by God through the ministry of Paul. You never know the steps God is orchestrating in your life to grow your relationship with Him. I am thankful for the 20/20 hindsight view we see as we look...
Marni is one AMAZING down-to-earth, Jesus lov’n, business savvy girl! She has a God-given calling on her life to encourage and equip women in faith and in business. Her wise witty quotes will either make you cry, laugh, or make you dig deep in a personal way. She’s definitely one to follow, one to learn from, and one to grow with because if there is one thing I know, she will point you to THE ONE in life and in business…Jesus.
Amy Olsen

She inspires me to be myself and who God wants me to be. It helps me get through the day. I always look forward to the encouragement and inspiration and my daily dose of Jesus.

Carmin Durbin

The Frosted Farmhouse has been such an inspiration to me! I have been in a decorating rut for several years! Watching their live feeds has helped me get inspired to get my groove back and excited to redo my own decor using things I’ve already had. I highly recommend them for any of your decorating needs, inspirations and motivations! Plus they are just good, kind hearted people that want to help others achieve the same goals as themselves.  LOVE LOVE LOVE THE FROSTED FARMHOUSE

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