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Marni Ausenbaugh


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If you’re like me, you have found yourself on a journey of discovering your true identity in Christ and learning to walk out your God-given purpose and Kingdom Assignment. We struggle to hold God’s view of us that is vastly different from how the world defines us. We’ve all believed some strategically placed lies about ourselves skewing our perspective and muffling our voice in the Kingdom. We’ve cowered to the enemy’s tactics far too long and it’s time to draw our swords and stand on Truth.

Let’s take a deep dive into God’s word together and allow Him to show you His Truth for your life. Once you see the manipulation of the enemy, you are called to action and will never be the same.

I invite you to learn more about my personal journey and heart. You’ll discover a down-to-earth Jesus Girl passionate about creating opportunities for spiritual growth, a unified community, and equipping others to walk in their Kingdom purpose.




Your Pit is Your Platform…


What others say about Marni

Marni has been such an inspiration for me as a woman. I have followed her ministry over the years. Her boldness in the word is inspiring and you can tell when that Holy Spirit lightbulb goes off. 

Kristen Hayes

Marni’s heart for God and His church oozes from her soul! She shoots straight from the hip in truth and with love. Corralling the Church and getting us to step up and into what God has called us to do as Christian women is no small feat and she does it with grace, humility, and love. Marni is on fire for God and you can’t help but have your fire lit, too, when you are in her presence.

Kimberly Fowlkes