worth, purpose and identity in christ is what it’s all about



I am a “real life” Christian woman working out her faith…ON THE DAILY!  I slip! I struggle! Me and Jesus got our own thing going!  Can I get an amen on that?

There are no super star Christians here!  I love to say that up front so none of you are disillusioned about who I am. I am just a girl who is real about growing in her faith even if that growth happens in baby steps but I am super passionate about being who He created me to be. This has involved Him stripping me then re-equipping me in many areas.

Check out the lower part of my “about” page to get a “snapshot” of my spiritual journey thus far. You’ll also see a little about my personal life as well. Trust me it will explain a lot.

If you have walked with Christ most of your life but you just feel like there is more then I’m the girl to have that conversation with. God is good!  He is way more intimate than we ever dreamed possible. This is my journey! So glad to share it with you. 




Our goal here is to show you that all of us can open the word of God and grow from it.





Let’s talk about everyday issues that all women have struggled with at one point in their life.





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I am a woman who encourages others to find their worth, purpose and identity in Christ.

God plans much bigger than we would ever dream.  He knows what He has purposed within each of us.

Hopefully my “ride” will encourage you to trust the journey. 

I am living proof God allows baby steps!


Are We Conduit Christians?

To him who knows…when we look in the mirror for spiritual change we must look to see what Christ sees. Often times when I do the entire picture changes.

Take A Long Look In The Mirror

To him who knows…when we look in the mirror for spiritual change we must look to see what Christ sees. Often times when I do the entire picture changes.

Pruning At The Hand Of God

Pruning from the hand of God can feel like God is unfaithful.

The Pecking Order In The Church

A pecking order is a thing on a farm but it shouldn’t be in the church. Many are bruised & battered from neglect. The place we should feel the most wanted often times is the place we are “pecked” on!

KnapSack Idols, What’s In Your Wallet

What’s so connected and sewn into your heart that you would risk anything for it? What are you grasping for at the last minute that shows your heart has a little “idol” attached to it!

Pondering Ourselves Into A Tailspin

Doubting God’s word goes all the way back to beginning. Questioning Gods word from lack of study or because of lack of faith is as old as time.

Pom Pom Christianity

 Consider it all joy, my brothers and sisters, when you encounter various trials….

Ordinary to Extraordinary

Don’t discount yourself because you see yourself as “ordinary”! Jesus shines through the ordinary.

Crying, “It’s Not Fair”!

Three year old spiritual tantrums are a real thing!

The Moment The World Changed

Sins weight was much heavier than the weight of the beam.

Marni is one AMAZING down-to-earth, Jesus lov’n, business savvy girl! She has a God-given calling on her life to encourage and equip women in faith and in business. Her wise witty quotes will either make you cry, laugh, or make you dig deep in a personal way. She’s definitely one to follow, one to learn from, and one to grow with because if there is one thing I know, she will point you to THE ONE in life and in business…Jesus.
Amy Olsen

She inspires me to be myself and who God wants me to be. It helps me get through the day. I always look forward to the encouragement and inspiration and my daily dose of Jesus.

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