worth, purpose and identity in christ is what it’s all about



I am a “real life” Christian woman working out her faith…ON THE DAILY!  I slip! I struggle! Me and Jesus got our own thing going!  Can I get an amen on that?

There are no super star Christians here!  I love to say that up front so none of you are disillusioned about who I am. I am just a girl who is real about growing in her faith even if that growth happens in baby steps but I am super passionate about being who He created me to be. This has involved Him stripping me then re-equipping me in many areas.

Check out the lower part of my “about” page to get a “snapshot” of my spiritual journey thus far. You’ll also see a little about my personal life as well. Trust me it will explain a lot.

If you have walked with Christ most of your life but you just feel like there is more then I’m the girl to have that conversation with. God is good!  He is way more intimate than we ever dreamed possible. This is my journey! So glad to share it with you. 




Our goal here is to show you that all of us can open the word of God and grow from it.





Let’s talk about everyday issues that all women have struggled with at one point in their life.





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I am a woman who encourages others to find their worth, purpose and identity in Christ.

God plans much bigger than we would ever dream.  He knows what He has purposed within each of us.

Hopefully my “ride” will encourage you to trust the journey. 

I am living proof God allows baby steps!


Has your “more than” been replaced by a “less than”?

Has your  "MORE THAN"  been replaced with a "LESS THAN" ? I was chatting with a friend this morning about how women always "feel" like they are  "less than" when they are in a group of other ladies.  She was expressing how fear and anxiety grips her when she is around...

How Do I Measure How I Measure Up?

          DO I MEASURE HOW I MEASURE UP? You wouldn't think you would find a reference to social media in the Bible, but Holy Spirit can make application any way He wants to!  You may be thinking, yeah right!  Just hang with me. This is going...

Are The Miracles On Hold?

Are The Miracles On Hold?       God put this scripture on my heart this morning. I love it when God just drops a bomb on you first thing in the morning.   Matthew 13:58  says that God chose not to work miraculously in this moment.  This was a place...

Worn Out Woman

          Worn Out Woman     A worn out woman is every woman I know. Her "to do" list is always long. All the days tasks are never crossed off in one 24 hour period yet... I dare bring out there is another reason why she is worn out....

Election Lessons: Lessons Learned During Conflict

          ELECTION LESSONS Lessons Learned During Conflict   I want to say from the get go that this is a thread of sorts. I will be adding to it as God teaches me the lessons I need to learn through out this election. It will lengthen as...

Denying Self is The First Step

      Denying Self Is The First Step Matthew 16:24 The Jesus said to his disciples, If anyone want to follow after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me. I would be betting woman and say everyone of us would say that we desire to...


    BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU HITCH YOUR CART 5 MINUTE DEVO      This short devotion has come from a simple one liner that old southern folks used to say. Be careful who you hitch your cart to means be careful who you align with. Be careful who you do...

Continued Investment Mean The Investments Mature

Continued Investment Means The Investments Mature     God started this blog with a thought. The thought  “continued investment means your investments mature”.  Often times God will start me off with a one liner because He knows my heart can grasp it and He...

The Good Shepherd Versus The Hireling

      The Good Shepherd Versus The Hireling John 10: 1-12 is a passage full of wisdom. One Sunday morning while my pastor was preaching God ran a "rabbit trail" with me. I hope and pray I am not the only one who God takes on an alternate route on Sunday...

The 4th Watch Trial

    THE 4TH WATCH TRIAL 5 MINUTE DEVO      The term "4th watch trial" may not make any sense at first glance. The 4th watch trial means a trial that comes in the darkest part of the night.  We've all been part of one that comes out of no where....
Marni is one AMAZING down-to-earth, Jesus lov’n, business savvy girl! She has a God-given calling on her life to encourage and equip women in faith and in business. Her wise witty quotes will either make you cry, laugh, or make you dig deep in a personal way. She’s definitely one to follow, one to learn from, and one to grow with because if there is one thing I know, she will point you to THE ONE in life and in business…Jesus.
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She inspires me to be myself and who God wants me to be. It helps me get through the day. I always look forward to the encouragement and inspiration and my daily dose of Jesus.

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