About Marni

Marni Ausenbaugh’s story began in the small town of Unionville, Tennessee with several moves her parents relocated for job opportunities. At the age of 15, her family settled in Mayfield, Kentucky where her dad became the music minister of a local church. It was there in biology class that year that Marni met the boy who would later become her husband, father to their girls (Kara & Madison), and ministry partner.

Marni and her husband, Shane are a divinely orchestrated “match made in Heaven” as the old adage says. His brilliant engineering/all things tech mind and quiet nature are the perfect complements to God placing Marni front and center. Marni couldn’t do what she does without Shane’s consistent support and ability to transform her dreams into something tangible.

Marni and her family currently live on the family farm where Marni spent much time over the years – sharing Jesus online, writing devotionals & bible studies, and her newest adventure……writing a book!

A Deeper Look

Attending church services has been a part of my life since birth. Learning acceptable church behavior and expectations were prioritized in our home growing up and I quickly learned adherence to “Sunday Best”. While I’m extremely thankful for the spiritual foundation established at a young age, as my faith matures, I’m discovering some broken pieces cloaked for years under “Sunday Best”.

In recent years, God has asked me to take a hard look at many things. Initially, I thought, “Okay Lord, let’s do this. What could be so bad?” After all, I’ve attended church every time the doors were open, had a microphone in my hand leading worship since age 15 as the daughter of a music minister, and Shane & I raised our two daughters in church. You name it, all the “church boxes” were checked, and from outward appearance, Marni Ausenbaugh was acing the Christian life. But God loves me enough to disallow continuing the churchy girl guise knowing the true condition of my heart. I was certainly doing all the things but with the mindset of a Pharisee. Having that called out by God STUNG!

Once I finished licking my wounds, God began showing me how I’ve compensated for hidden feelings of “less than” served up by the enemy by ensuring everyone saw a “Super Christian”. I’ve learned that once you become brave enough to see and admit being off, God graciously begins to align your thinking with His view. Though I sometimes still refer to myself as “The Reformed Churchy Girl” in jest, God challenges me to walk in who I am and find my identity in Him alone.
It’s my hope that through honesty, transparency, and willingness to have hard conversations, you’ll afford me the honor of joining me on this journey.