Meet Marni

Worth, Purpose, and Identity in Christ is What It’s All About!

Well…. it’s hard to tell my whole life story in a couple of paragraphs but let’s give it a shot …maybe I’ll just share the cliff notes.

Unionville, TN is where my story starts. It literally is a spot in the road !!  Some of the sweetest memories of my childhood are playing at my grand-daddies and grandmothers house under their weeping willow tree. The limbs hung down so far I played in them like they were my house. The simplicity of that life and its value has served me well.

My mother and father moved several times for job opportunities but finally settled down in Mayfield KY. My dad took the position as a minister of music in a local church. In this little country church, I found a love for singing, and God cultivated the heart for leading worship within me. That’s a part of our story I’m sure you didn’t know. Apart from my family, leading worship has been the second most important calling on my life…ever!  

I married Shane Ausenbaugh, who I met in biology class my sophomore year…doesn’t that just crack you up?  He saw me walking down the hallway, as I was being taken to my first class by the office staff, He said he wondered…”will she be my friend”?  Dang straight I will….Love story for the books. He is all things tech and has a engineering mind outta this world.  I am the dreamer and he is the application guy.  Jesus knew what He was doing when He put us together…ain’t no doubt about that.

We have two children, Kara and Madison.  Kara is the more reserved of the two. Madison is straight up her momma. Lord Jesus help us!  I often say Kara is the more thought provoking side of me and Madison is the “let’s see the world” side of me…..They have my heart !!

My daily life consist of taking care of my number one guy and sharing Jesus online. You’ll often find me writing daily devotions or filming them to be shared on social media sites.  Along this journey, God has allowed us to walk some bumpy roads. They all had a purpose. I love that God is always in pursuit of His plan for our lives even when, in the moment, it looks like a jigsaw puzzle that is missing tons of pieces.  I will tell you I am process more than you care to hear.  I am not a speaker that has been perfected. I am a girl that is in her sanctification process.  Some folks find that offensive. I”ll reach perfection when I get to Heaven. Until then, I’m just a girl grasping to understand this Jesus who seems unfathomable.  It doesn’t keep me from diving in to find out more.  This is me….



I’m a southern country girl who was born and raised in church. I became a Christian at the age of 20. I’ve been a part of a super strong Bible believing church most of my life. I received a great foundation in the word. Then the day came when ….


I never saw it! I attended church 3 times a week, sang in the choir, sang the specials, visited the sick….I did it all. 

Exteriorly I was golden but my heart was as wicked as the older brother in the story of the Prodigal Son. You dig there very long you might just find your name in small print !! Just sayin’

Now I gladly wear the title of “REFORMED CHURCHY GIRL”.

The transformation that’s happened is unreal. Once God shows you something you can’t unsee it.  I would never trade this bumpy road with Jesus for the comfort of a pew. He continues to disrupt my comfy Christianity.  I’ll never be the same. 

You’ll find out right quick that I’m about as authentic as they come.  You’ll find I have a heart for women to come back to who Jesus says we are. Our worth, identity and purpose is all tied to our foundation in Him. When we get back into alignment we won’t struggle so much ladies…. I have a heart to have this very conversation with Godly women everywhere!!

I began my “online journey” with a business called The Frosted Farmhouse. I would share my faith as I would show my “farmhouse paintings” and “industrial builds”. The Lord was crystal clear  that He was more interested in me sharing my faith. Go figure!  God was shifting me even then !

God made it abundantly clear that the plan was to stop and focus more on encouraging women through the word. If I had known what God had in store for me, I would have grabbed my favorite sneaks and ran like the wind ….but I had no clue.          

I was a worship leader…and still am but God was calling me to begin to speak to women !!!  We began with a simple online Bible study. God used that online study to transform my life. He taught me things I needed for the next season in life.  I thought I was teaching others but God was teaching me !!  God was also encouraging women to study the word more deeply for themselves.                                                             

    That’s where our journey began….   

You can find our Bible studies online through the website, Pinterest or her podcast, The Reformed Churchy Girl.                                                 

God is still writing this story…

We shall see…