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Are The Miracles On Hold?

by | May 19, 2021 | Bible Study, Christian Faith | 0 comments

Are The Miracles On Hold?




God put this scripture on my heart this morning. I love it when God just drops a bomb on you first thing in the morning.


In Matthew 13:58  God chose not to work miracles.  This was a place of unbelief. Could that happen today?  Why not?  Could God choose not to show himself mighty because of MY unbelief.

Does that rest heavy on anyone else but me?


So…What are we missing?   Let’s bring it on home…what have I missed?  What have those around me missed because of MY unbelief? Believers that is heavy!!!


Now I don’t want to stay in the past so as I’m coming face to face with this passage this morning I’ll ask myself today,  “Am I full of faith that He will do any miraculous work today because I believe He can?”

Yes!!!!! I will choose to be focused on the undeniable fact that He is the God He says He is and has proven himself to be. I will not, by my lack of faith, limit how God might show himself mighty.


God reacts to faith. We know He does but we see He responds positively and negatively. I wonder how much I’ve missed because of my unbelief BUT I don’t want to leave you discouraged. Now that God has allowed me to sit with this truth this morning how much I get to focus on what He can do and would choose to do if I had faith.  Life can change today with this shift in spiritual mindset!  Let’s grab hold of the fact that He is still moving!  He wants to show himself mighty!

In the New Testament, He still talking about doing miraculous things….break through for this sister! 


God, you are not done yet!!!


Men and women of God… see Him up close and personal today!!! He is the God who is still moving and active! 


Repent and release your unbelief and watch Him work!!!!