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Armor Bearer Training Devotional

by | Oct 11, 2021 | Bible Study | 0 comments





The armor bearer training devotional study really came out of my own personal lack. Man, what it would be like to have someone physically going into some of the spiritual battles we have to face!  That is powerful to me!  This girl needs someone to have my back!  Just like the armor bearer went before the warrior in battle, I believe we still need that position today in the church. I believe we do but we all have slacked on our duties!  This is a simple applicable study for any Christian who realizes they need one.


Once you grasp the fact that you need one then you can perhaps think on the fact that you are one!  How sad it is that even within the church we deal with extreme loneliness and isolation!  We were made to go into battle together and most of us feel ill equipped to fight our own battles much less help someone else with theirs!  This is a powerful revelation about the importance of anchoring together! 


You are my armor bearer! I am yours! 





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