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Assigned Seasons From God

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I love the seasons! I am more of a spring/fall kinda gal but each season holds refreshment for me.  I love the spring because it’s usually just coming out of a long cold dark winter where things have died and laid dormant.  Spring is the tilling season when I am ready to put seed into the ground. It’s the prepping season for the upcoming harvest!  Everybody loves spring. 


I love summer, well I love the beginnings of summer!  I love when everything is growing and green. I love to see the fruit of the garden come in and harvest be abundant.  I love the freedom that summer seems to bring. The sun rejuvenates me! 






I love, love, love fall because it seems to be the resting season for most of us.  Summer has been hot and I long for fall nights by the fire usually accompanied by a smores or two! Fall are usually the time when you cut back “dead” perennials. They have flowered or been fruitful for the season and as they go dormant, pruning needs to be done to be ready for next seasons growth during this time.  Tidying up from a productive seasonal summer happens here.











I love winter because I am spoiled. I’ll just speak truth to it!!!   
I love couch time with my man. He is affectionately called “Shanebaby”.  There isn’t much to do outside so snuggling on the couch suites me just fine.  Winter is a time when the earth gets a time to rest and rejuvenate from a long fertile season as well.  Winter is also the time when the ground often times gets fertilizer applied (at least for the gardening folks). The fertilizer sits all winter on the garden and it receives all the goodness it needs for its next harvest. 


So you see, I find the good in each and every season. Not all seasons are equal but all of them build upon the growth of the next fruit bearing season.


I sure do love those fertilized seasons where I am growing and producing fruit and the evident of God’s work in my life is evident to me.  It helps me know I am on the right track! Doesn’t it you?



But I have to remember that the pruning season of fall has a huge benefit to my productivity.



Do I like it? No! 




Pruning can feel like God is unfaithful if I am not keenly aware of how He works.  I have to remember that the fall season of life when God allows rest (aka no productivity) is also for my good! What about the new seed God plants in our lives and we have that awful wait period of germination? Friends, can I say that that season sometimes feels like eternity.  Each season is needed. So is each season needed in the life of a believer. 


Friends, if you are in a fall season, God sees perhaps you need to rest!


If you are in a spring season, rejoice!
Look toward the Son knowing a harvest is coming and so is a ton of hard work!


If you are in the summer season of life, put on your best Olivia Newton John outfit and sweat it out knowing the harvest has been assigned to you!


It’s easy for us to believe that the Lord is somehow forgotten us in the winter season when we don’t see fruit.

It’s easy for us to get discouraged in summer when the pressures of our blessings are abundant.


Spring, We love it! It has hope of great things!  Each season builds upon the next. They need each other for sustained rest and growth. Just know God works in every season and there is a purpose. You might not see what you need but your heavenly Father does.


Rest in the assigned season! 





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