Baby Bouquet

Video Tutorial

Flowers never last long enough. What a sweet floral arrangement. This piece has so much texture and such an eye-catcher.
A super simple tutorial that will allow you to be able to give sunshine for years to come.

Materials List

  • Wood or Canvas of your choice
  • Light Mocha Paint – BUY NOW
  • Light Grey Paint – BUY NOW
  • Liquitex Modeling Paste or Gel Medium – BUY NOW
  • Sage Green Paint – BUY NOW
  • Pallet Knives – BUY NOW
  • Putty Knife – BUY NOW
  • Credit Cards
  • Wiping Rags (we finger paint with this one)
  • White Paint – BUY NOW
  • Dark Grey Paint – BUY NOW
  • Black Paint – BUY NOW
  • Paint Brushes – BUY NOW