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Bleacher Seat Critiques

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The story we find in 2 Samuel 6 is one of my all-time favorites in the word of God. I glean so much from this passage. It’s the story of David and his wife, Michal.  Here are the cliff notes for us so I don’t have to type the entire passage!

The ark of the covenant (which symbolized God’s presence and where they could meet with God in the Old Testament) had been lodged at Obed-Edom’s house since its stumble.  You see, the ark was being moved to Jerusalem. Oh the way, the oxen stumbled and Uzzah touched the ark (I assume keep it from falling). This move seems logical but this was a no-no. Uzzah was struck dead because of this error. He died right there beside the ark!  The ark stayed at the house of Obed-Edom for a season after this incident because David was afraid to move it.

David gets word that the house of Obed-Edom is being blessed because of the ark. So David sets out once again to bring it back.  He has learned the lesson of not touching the anointed things of God. We should do a short teaching on this story!! There is so much richness in this tiny chapter.  They continue on and step about six paces (with ark in tow) and all is well. No one dies! In that moment, David begins to dance!!!  I like David! He’s my kinda guy!

They continue on their journey bringing the ark back.  As it comes into the city of David, his wife Michal (Saul’s daughter) peeps out the window and sees David dancing in worship .  She hates him for it!  David does several things after getting the ark in its proper place  before heading home to greet his family. He offers burnt and peace offerings to God and gives food to the homes of Israel.

David finally arrives home after all the festivities to bless his house. Michal greets him, and says “How glorious the king of Israel was today, uncovering himself today in the eyes of the maids and of his servants, as one of the base fellows shamelessly uncovers himself. 


David is quick to set this straight!  In a nutshell, He lets her know that he will play music before the Lord and he will be even more undignified than this and he will be humble in his own sight.

Lots more happens in this story but we will just focus on these main bullet points for today. This is the Marni paraphrase and I encourage you to read 2 Samuel 6:1-23. You may pick up subtle nuances I didn’t share but this is the jest!  I should have just written the chapter. LOL.



The dynamic between Michal and David in a moment where worship is obviously the forefront is where I want to focus my attention today.  It’s obvious this moment of complete and utter exaltation of God has Michal in a tizzy.  She seems to attack his throne-ship status as being too good to worship with such abandon.


There are lots of things that could be delved into!

Was he naked? 

Why did he have on a linen ephod, cause he wasn’t a priest?



Was she in a tizzy because he was naked or because he was the king and shouldn’t be bowing to anyone in worship?

Lots to think about and lots to dig through but there are some things on the surface we can glean from this story.

Point 1:
There will always be a Michael nearby.

When  you are ready to give God a high praise from Him moving in such miraculous way in your life… and you give out an exuberant praise, get ready for the enemy to try to squash it!  There will always be a Michael ready to have their say about why you worshipped as you did. Be on guard when God has moved so mightily and it”s time to worship. The devil won’t like it!  Worship on!

Point 2:
Worship will be viewed as wasteful.

I think about the woman with the flask of costly ointment. She anointed Jesus for burial. There were (Michals of a sort) there too!  They said, ” why was this wasted, it could have been sold for 300 denari and given to poor?”  The enemy will always use a person in the bleacher section, someone close by, to squash the abundance of worship in the moment. Did the onlookers know she was Lazarus brother who Jesus had raised from the dead?  They should have! They were disciples. Even in the house of God folks won’t understand. It will be seem as wasteful.  Jesus commended her! We are still reading about her moment of worship even today! “Waste” everything you have on him, friend!

Point 3:
Appointments  of worship.

No matter your position or status, there will be times we must worship as people watch and sneer.  David had been through a thing or two and watched God move miraculously on his behalf.  David had a reverence for the things of God. Not everyone around you will have reverence for His care and His protection.  There will be times when you are appointed to make His name famous even as folks watch and sneer. Appointments for worship will make His name great. There will be lines in the sand we must draw in moments like these.

Point 4:
Don’t be a Michal.
Are you watching someone give a crazy praise and your first inclination is to degrade them. Oh be careful Michal!  You have no idea the depth of movement God may be doing or has done in their lives. Sometimes this comes out the quickest in those closest to us.  Only David knew the depth of his praise.  After this instance, Michal was disciplined by God and never had children after attacking her husbands worship. There are stiff penalties for belittling someone’s praise. 


I pray you are enjoying them and receiving some strength to walk where God assigned you.

David is dead and gone.

Where will you be called
to give Him an undignified praise today?




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