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Marni speaks and teaches at events across the United States.


Marni Ausenbaugh has the heart to encourage other women in their walk with Christ. You’ll experience lots of laughs as you dig into scripture together and see it apply to your own life. Scripture is alive and active and is never boring. She will love you right where you are while challenging your growth in Christ.


Marni Ausenbaugh is sought after by churches and women’s groups about becoming people of purpose for the kingdom of Christ. Marni speaks to the church about the church’s purpose and how to pursue Him more actively on a global scale. Many churches and people have become comfortable and assimilated into society. Marni’s platform is to remind and call us to walk with influence.


As a speaker and teacher based in Biblical Truth, Marni Ausenbaugh covers a variety of topics from her own dedicated study. Interested in a specific theme or topic? Marni is available to collaborate with you on your group’s area of interest.


Recent topics include:

  • Generational chains
  • Toppling idols
  • Pharisee Living
  • Focus for the long haul
  • Fitting in at His table
  • Fellowship versus follow-ship
  • Being the model
  • Battling the disconnect
  • Tracing God’s hand a.k.a. timeline studies
  • Calling out the church to walk in her true identity
  • Exposing the invisible so the church may become visible
  • Numerous book studies focusing on faith and hardship

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Reviews and Feedback about Marni

Marni packages biblical truth into little bite-sized zingers that help me understand and reach for it when I need it. She is passionate about women and speaking life into them and building them up and helping them find the voice that the enemy tried to steal from them. I am thankful for all the ways she has encouraged me to walk in confidence in what the Lord has for me instead of cowering in shame. She knows the devil attacks us so hard because he is afraid of our influence and she is all about recovering our influence to partner with God and His mission of outrageous love.

Erica Hamilton

I am very thankful for people like Marni Ausenbaugh that can take a platform on a thing we call Multimedia and teach the “Word.” The Truth of God’s word can be shared from state to state or country to country. Sent into to a home by a friend to a friend. Is that not how amazing our God is. He can take one of His servants and without them leaving the comfort of their home send His word to women around the world. Only my God could accomplish that.

I love the share God’s word but He has made me a meet-and-greet girl. And that’s ok I’m just happy to be in His service. But I am thankful for the encouraging words I receive from those that God called to this platform. God alone knows how to spread His word and He never ceases to amaze me. Marni, please keep serving on the platform God has called you to at this time. You are helping women to know that God can use them in many ways. If we lead we all so have to be willing to serve. So girl, serve where you are planted. Sometimes he uproots us and plants somewhere else but you were created for this such a time as this. Spread the Word.

Jo Fowler
Womens Home Manager

Marni has been such an inspiration for me as a woman. I have followed her ministry over the years. Her boldness in the word is inspiring and you can tell when that Holy Spirit lightbulb goes off. It’s a privilege to call her a friend!

Kristen Hayes

Marni’s passion for equipping others to walk in their God-given identity and purpose is evident every time she teaches. Whether speaking at an event, podcasting, going live on social media, or leading an in-person study, she prioritizes truly seeing people and building relationships. With Jesus as her example, Marni’s relational approach to ministry gains heart access to speak bold truths into broken places. Not one to shy away from the hard topics, she speaks truth with God-given authority yet is not one to leave you to navigate heart change alone. Much like Jesus, she’s committed to the long haul, providing discipleship and accountability as long as it takes. Marni’s greatest desire is to call others up into their God-given calling and if you’re ready to take the deep dive into scripture, she’s your girl!

Heather Schwingler

I just love Marni, her heart for God and His church oozes from her soul! She shoots straight from the hip in truth and with love. Corralling the Church and getting us to step up and in to what God has called us to do as Christian women is no small feat and she does it with grace, humility, and love. Marni is on fire for God and you can’t help but have your fire lit, too, when you are in her presence.

Kimberly Fowlkes