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Broken Sees As Broken

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Bible Study, Lifestyle | 0 comments






Is My Brokenness Obstructing My View?

There is an old saying, “you see as your are!” It’s legit! When I am in a broken state, I’ll see the problems, hurt and the brokenness in other areas quicker. It’s amazing when I dig within yourself, I will find that when I am in a tough season I see everything as tough and often times I make problems bigger or create problems out of no where… because of my own brokenness.







Long story short… If I’m broken in a specific area…..If I’m not careful, my broken view will skew other areas that really are not broken.


It’s kind of like trying to look through broken glass. What happens when you do? When you look through broken glass everything is fragmented but in real life when you take the broken obstruction away,
the view is clear.


It’s easy to look without and see brokenness in our world but someone has got to bring wholeness to our society. How in the world do I do that? I do it by dealing with my own personal broken areas. If I begin seeing everything as broken in my life… maybe it’s the internal view it’s being processed through. I can be alerted to this when cynicalism erupts everywhere from my thoughts to what comes from my lips.



These are tough questions but if I am to be honest with myself  I have to ask the deep questions that often times go deeper than I really want to. Going deep usually stings but the growth happens when we dig at the root.  When I finally am able to see that I have begun to see negative things all over my life then I can truly begin to ask myself why?   Some of the questions might begin this way, Does my “view” of this situation stem from my own personal baggage from years ago?   Does my desire to walk away so easily come from past hurt that’s not been addressed?  Is my position in this situation truly reflect the actual truth of the situation or it is that I view it through my own brokenness?  Tough questions but if we are wiling to be honest with ourselves, maybe for the first time, we can not only heal ourselves but heal the present circumstances as well. 

Is everything broken or are there some areas broken within me that God wants whole once again. We see as we are….