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Burning Bridges To Old Assignments

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Burning bridges to old assignments can be tough but Elisha does it with some class let me tell you!

Elijah’s time to hand over the God given mantle (his assignment) to Elisha had come. God had spoken to the prophet Elijah that Elisha was to be his replacement.  Elijah finds him as God has said and Elijah throws his mantle on him.  The mantle was Elijah’s outer garment. When Elijah threw his outer cloak (his mantle) on him it was a sign to Elisha that he was his replacement. 






Elisha takes drastic measures to follow God. Elisha slaughters the team he was plowing with.  He burns the oxen and the implements!   He burned all the bridges that could have led him back to his old life. He left nothing!  









Elisha is a great example to follow. He literally commits to  take up his “cross”!  We must recognize the assignment God gives is our cross to bear for His glory.

I’ve found myself leaving a few threads connected just in case I need to find the bread crumbs back to my old life! Elisha is convicting this old girl today. Anybody else left any strings attached that need to be cut?It’ll take some denying of self to cut the strings.

It may be all you’ve ever known but Jesus says …“If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.

The strings that are still attached show us we have not forsaken all…




What do your strings represent?

Where are you still tied?


New crosses won’t go very far with old strings attached.







Elisha forsook it all!  He burned all the bridges.



When we find ourselves walking that bridge between two assignments, it shows us we have not fully submitted to His plan.


God given assignments shift from time to time.

Will we be like Elijah and be willing to step aside?

Will we be like Elisha and burn bridges to follow in obedience?


Burn the bridge!

Allow God to put the new mantle on you !


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