a woman who feared God, spoke and engaged in the battle.

Strong lessons to be learned from this prophetess.



Uprooting weeds is paintstaking, necessary work to have a great garden harvest

weeds take our root ssysem room.  can’t flourish

take our nourishment.

roots give shade… we might like it but under the surface they are stripping us of vital nutrients.

weeds might be sins, that are under the surface

weeds might be friends that choke your growth

weeds might be any comfort zone that hinders our growth



-A prophetess

-A judge

-Married to Lapidoth

-Gave instruction for military conquest

-She is trusted with leadership by God

-Strong and fearless



Let’s just get this study off to an amazing start with this one liner and meme.

A strong and fearless woman who trusts God with everything within her is a mighty tool for the kingdom.






(Back Story)

The children of Israel did evil in the sight of the lord and so the LORD sold them into the hand of Jabin

(God sold them into the hand of the enemy)….

sometimes hard times come because we put ourselves there or it’s a punishment or it’s a test 

sometimes it ain’t the devil ladies…..

God uses hardships and battles as tools to test us so we will turn to Him.






Israel cries…..as we do…… during hardship.

Deborah is on the scene as a judge and prophetess.  Called by God. Spoke to by God

Deborah is a woman under submission to Gods call upon her life.

Deborah trusts as God speaks and she leads through the prophetess role.








The first time a “prophet” is listed is in Exodus 4:15-16. Aaron will be your prophet. Scripture tells us that Moses is to speak everything that God commands him and Aaron will tell Pharoah. Scripture also declares that Aaron will be his prophet.    A prophet seems to be one who shares the revelation. This is a very simple descriptive of a prophet.

She calls for Barac.  God has spoken to Deborah the prophetess and has commanded you to deploy troops to Mount Tabor. Take 10,000 men and against you, I will deploy Sisera, the commander of Jabin’s army with his chariots.




In Judges 4:8 Barac declares If Deborah will go with him in battle then he will go, if not he will not go.  She agrees to go but says there will be no glory for you in this but that it will be said that Sisera is overthrown by a woman.

Barak calls the men and Deborah and they go to war.In comes Heber.  Heber is a spy for Sisera. Heber tells Sisera that Barac has gone to Mount Tabor.  Sisera gathers all his chariots and his clan to the river Kishon to get ready for battle.

Deborah once again says “let’s do this”! That is Marni paraphrase. The NKJV says “up” today is the day the has Sisera to your hand”. Barak goes down with 10,000 men following him.

God routes Sisera and his chariots with the edge of a sword.  As I read commentaries it seems that while Sisera and the chariots are in the river Kishon there is mass confusion. Obviously, a divine miracle of confusion.

Judges 4 gives us some indication of the confusion that has happened in the valley of Kishon.  Judges 4:15 tell us that the Lord discomfited Sisera and all his chariots with the edge of the sword before Barac.  Judges 5 gives us some clarification into the remainder of the story.  It is said that the river Kishon swept them away. It seems by the pieces we have in scripture that floods or rains came and over took the heavy chariots and the horses and their men.  Not one was left except Sisera.  He fled on foot.

Now mind you Barak is still pursuing the chariots and the army.  All the army of Sisera fell by the sword or flood waters.

We will pick up with Sisera next week!…SPOILER ALERT.

He doesn’t get away.


an extraordinary calling (judge and prophetess)




We see her presiding over social issues of the day however we also see her in the Prophetess role as well. It is my understanding that she is the only female judge in the Old Testament.

Several strong female leaders  and some called to unique positions are Huldah the prophetess, Miriam the prophetess in Exodus 15:20, Isaiah’s wife in Isaiah 8:3, Anna in Luke 2: 36-38 and Phillip’s daughters who prophesied. Phillips daughters were never attached to the position of prophetess as far as I can see.

There are a handful of women in scriptures with these unique callings on their lives.  We sometime see them swept under the rug but their part in history is huge.

Deborah’s story and her part in this miraculous battle isn’t a lengthy story.  These lines will seem so empty but yet so profound.  She hears from God. She acts upon His voice without hesitation.  She isn’t scared to lead others as He has instructed.  She knows how to respond in worship as a thanksgiving offering.  She isn’t caught up in semantics about gender roles.  She hears God speak and she moves.

Man, I could learn a lot from her.









I don’t know the spiritual gifts you possess but I can learn heaps from her just as a simple woman following her God.  She is listening for His voice. She hears Him. She acts upon it without hesitation.  She leads others. That my dear sister applies to every woman reading this text.  We may say, “well Deborah was a prophetess.”  So?  Is there anything in the above two paragraphs that doesn’t apply to you as a dare I say it “Common Christian”.

By the way there isn’t such a thing! You are equipped by God to be a voice for Him and bring Him glory.  Go back a couple of paragraphs and do that !

I love seeing that even though she knows that this battle is Baracs to fight she is willing to come alongside him.  Let God use you to come along side people for the battle. Obviously as you look at Deborahs life, she is strong in faith.  Perhaps Barac was strong in muscle but Deborah was mighty in her faith. Ladies, we all bring unique gifts to the table as we walk along- side each other in the battles of life. Don’t think yourself “less than” because of your gender. God has equipped you for the walk He has set for you.

She isn’t scared of the battle.  The fact that she hears Gods voice enables her, as a woman, to hitch up and to go to war with Barac.  Be a woman who knows the word of God, knows her God intimately and isn’t afraid to speak during war time.







Do not be disrespectful to the honor of the house or its leadership but also not being disrespectful to the God you serve. There is a line.

Don’t think her unique because she has this unusual special call of a prophetess on her life. You can’t hide behind “oh God could never use me like that”! Her giftings for this time were from God. So are yours.





an extraordinary leader



Deborah falls in a list of prophetesses that’s quite short.  I have heard it said that she was chosen because there wasn’t proper male leadership or that the male leadership during this time was weak.  Either way he allowed Deborah to lead.  I have never heard Deborah taught on. Usually just a read through drive by past her name.  God using her in this way is difficult to explain in the denomation I grew up in.  I choose not to try to explain it other than to be aware that yes God did allow her to be a Prophetess.  Why do I have to explain it?  We don’t see her grappling with what God has told her to do. I’m not going to either.

Inner strength from a deep faith in Christ will always show in our leadership. Deborah appears to hear Him and without a miss-step trust Him and speak!  It showed in her leadership to prod Barac to go to war.











I can’t imagine having this call on my life.  God speaks through the Holy Spirit to me today.  But to have the responsibility to hear Gods voice and speak it with clarity to another. Man! What a responsibility.

We might think there have been times when we knew exacted what needed to be said and felt strongly that is was our position to set a few things straight.  There is a huge difference in womans intuition and a womans and the role of a prophetess. She heard from God and spoke what He spoke to her.

It’s very important that we know the different between intuition and Gods voice.  Deborah obviously knew the difference.  She was known for her extraordinary leadership. Intimacy will God will keep us out of trouble on this one ladies.

I love seeing this prophetess stand and go to war in enemy hostile territory. Judges 4:2 tells us the Lord sold them into the hand of Jabin.  This strong man that has oppressed them for 20 years is the guy they are called by God to go to war against. War is often times a testing of our faith. Don’t be scared of the battle. Our faith in God must not only be in words but they must be accompanied with action.  If my words won’t carry me to the battle field then they aren’t of faith. If I am not willing to stand in opposition for what I believe…then I don’t believe it, I just have a big mouth.









Deborah knew what God had spoken to her… She didn’t mind standing. She didn’t mind going to war










We need that kind of relationship with God ladies that we know He has spoken to us and we are walking it by faith.

We see her leadership in Judges 4:8 valued to the point that Barac won’t go to battle without her.  Her word is trusted by her relationship with Christ.  Those my friend are squad goals.  



As I read about Barac and his failure to step up. I almost was frustrated with him. As you read the word of the Lord to Barac, it starts with “hath God not said”!  Many scriptures start with this phrase but many do not.  Hath God not said gives us the thought that maybe God had already told him once but perhaps not.  As we read different translations, often times Hath God not said is omitted. Just something to think about.  Its interesting as I study, there are more unanswered questions than answered ones.

The one thing that probably changed my mind about how I felt about Barac is found in Hebrews 11:32.  Barac is found in the “hall of faith”.  So if we take the stance that he lacked faith for the battle then why would God list him In the hall of faith?


Many scholars believe that perhaps he knew her to be full of spiritual wisdom and he wanted her right beside him for guidance during the war.  I can see how that might be possible as we see him listed in Hebrews 11:32.

Scriptures and reasons for decisions can often be validated with other scriptures or history documents.  Snapshots of time seem to be listed in scripture as well.  This snapshot has a little bit of a “negative” attached to it in Hebrews.  I choose to believe that he trusted her leadership and wanted Gods voice close.


an extraordinary faith in battle



She is eager to serve God in the role He has called her to.

She knew Gods voice and was eager to proclaim it.

There seems to be no timidity to walk right in the battle.

She is a woman of great faith that is focused on her God.

Her ear is near Him.

Again, some lessons can be learned as she trusts God for the place He has allowed her to serve.  There have been a few battles in my life that I have been terrified of !!

I think we all have.  As I look at this few verses that hold secrets to her walk, I can mimic a lot.

She isn’t just a lip service follower.

She doesn’t seem to question His voice.

You can see she is prepared for battle.  When I am faced with a battle, I find myself in prayer instead of engaging directly and swiftly. Not that prayer is a bad thing !!  It seems she has no reservations for engaging in warfare.

She is battle ready.  Am I battle ready? At all times?

Deborah was battle ready!  Who knows that God hasn’t allowed you to fight this battle to slay the enemy.

Jabin was definitely the enemy.  Some of us have a yellow stripe down our backs when it comes to battlegrounds but God was on her side. She knew they would not fail.

We are thrown into the battlefield with the greatest King going before us. 

Slay on Princess!









When God commands us by a simple “up” it’s time to step up.






God WON this battle! We see in Judges 4:15 that the Lord routed the enemies. Deborah had such a faith in her God. She knew HE was in charge of this battle.

People of faith were just the feet to get it done.








What battle has God asked you to lead the charge on?

What battle has God asked you to walk beside someone through?

Suit up with your armor and be ready.

When Barac won’t go alone in verse 8 she agrees to go.

Girl isn’t afraid of a little battle.

So good for us to identify with and stand in.

I love that in 4:14, it tells us that the Lord had given the battle into Barac’s hand. 

It was Barac’s battle to fight.




You know we may take the stance that she was a prophetess so she wasn’t afraid of the big bad King Jabin. Something I want to remind us of is that these people have been oppressed by this King for 20 years.  There probably was some level of defeat that had grown within them.  When we think about her battle readiness from that standpoint, that increased her faith value to me.






A scripture that immediately comes to mind was Psalm 20:7. It says,  some trust in chariots, some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.

What a way to live our Christian lives. To not have faith in what we can see but have faith in what we can’t see.  Yes!  I know that has been said in churches or ages but to live it is a totally different thing.

Deborah leads under submission

Deborah leads in faith

Deborah leads in surrender

Deborah leads in authority