Hi! So glad you are here! You’ll hear me say this often because I know your time is super valuable.  This short podcast is just a brief backstory of how we ended up here!  It’s kind of like I am sharing the cliff notes with you of the last three years of my life. I thought it important to get you up to speed where our passion comes from.

My personality can sometimes be bigger than life but it is rooted in  the passion of learning who God says I am in scripture. There are defining moments in every believers life that the light gets turned on….well the light is on and the passion is out!

I pray you find me compassionate and authentic. The days of the church being the pretty shell it’s been for ions is over. Reaching the lost is what it’s all about. I desire to get my hands dirty and reach those Jesus found himself sitting with in those days. Speaking truthfully about our brokenness and a need for a the Savior needs to be the flag that is flown from the heart of every believer.

We are all about three things around here: faith, family and friends!


It’s paramount in the Ausenbaugh home. God is the funnel by which all things flow through. We love our faith family and the mandate God has given us to be a light in this world.


Our two grown girls are the love of our lives then add in “grands” and it gets all kinds of crazy. We love big! All of us including my father and brother are in ministry in one way or another.


I think we are like everyone else!  We have our small tribe of loyal friends who do the hard work of loving us. I am blessed to have them!

Join us in the journey through the podcast world!  It should be interesting !!