As a good church girl, we would say our foundation is on the rock. When we say that, we mean our foundation is in Jesus Christ. Matthew talks about building our house on a sure foundation. When the rains and floods come, we will find our homes still standing. When we foolishly build upon the sand we will find ourselves sinking! Sand never proves to be a good foundation. It can’t take the pressure of the weight or the fierceness of the winds.

Often times we find ourselves in seasons where the winds and the tides shift in our lives!  The seasons change!  Whether it be a job change, demotion at work or something as simple as kiddos going away to college, seasons will change in the life of a woman.

I have walked through unexpected seasons where it feels like winter set in on me like a blizzard fast and hard and I just fell apart. I know I am not the only one. When our worth, purpose and identity are tied to “who” instead of “whose” we are then we can find ourselves sinking!

We don’t plan to build our “emotional” house on shifting sand but somewhere along the way we found ourselves building our foundation on positions and callings.  Positions and callings are great but not if they have somehow slid into the foundation of where you find your worth, purpose and identity.

You can always tell when that has happened in the life of a Jesus girl. When positions or callings shift, we find ourselves floundering in our identity.

This is just a good heads up! It happens to all of us! Don’t get stuck at the altar because you found yourself standing on an alter foundation. Identify it and repent from it. When you walk through it make sure to share your story to the next generation!