The Pharisee in me is a story that’s been written from the pages of my life. In the last few years the Lord has performed some spiritual heart surgery on the churchy girl. Everything that you will hear come from this podcast stems from this exposed place of sinfulness in my own life.

When the Holy Spirit lays the gauntlet down and calls you out as being a Pharisee it kind of hurts your feelings. I would have never in a million years categorized myself like that! EVER! But how many of you know when Jesus calls you out there is no arguing!!!

I think the story of The Prodigal Son has a special place in most Christians heart.  We have all been the prodigal. Whether our stent through the far country was out in the public eye like the prodigal sons was or not.  We all know how far sin has taken us but how many of you have really taken a magnifying glass and looked at the older brother in this story.

Most theologians believe that the older brother is a picture of a Pharisee. After all, the Pharisees were the ones calling Jesus out for eating with and receiving sinners. I can and have totally aligned myself with the brokenness of the Prodigal but what about this older brother.  He was a jerk! 

When I look at the life of the older brother in this story in relation to loving the sinner, receiving and eating with sinners…THAT’S TOTALLY ME! Some Christians don’t like the term OMG…but OMG!

I am the older brother!

I sit in church every week and snub my nose at those who are riddled by sin. I won’t engage in the celebration that should commence when they return home.

Is that you?

Are you the older brother too?