A Ten Week Study of Purpose


Join us on this journey of “10 WEEK STUDY OF PURPOSE”.
This downloadable E- devotional is sure to start your day off right.
Most of us know we have a purpose but need a little kick to be reminded!  We desire to help you with that!
What if we all caught a glimpse of our worth and purpose?  How would our circle be impacted?  This little short E-Devo is sure to encourage you!
Maybe you need a fresh look at yourself through the eyes of another sister!  That’s me!
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Joseph Study


Sign up today for our first Bible study of 2022!  

How is that possible?
Joseph holds lots of wisdom for our lives today!
Have you ever been betrayed and thought there is no way God was in it?
What if He was?
Have you been betrayed by friends and family and blamed it on the devil? Yep!
We all have but what if…God was setting you up for the future?

 Join us for this zoom Bible study.  This will be a zoom study. I love seeing your faces and having communication with you as we study together.

Our Joseph study will begin on January 11, 2022!  We hope to see you there!!!

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