A Ten Week Study of Purpose


Join us on this journey of “10 WEEK STUDY OF PURPOSE”.
This downloadable E- devotional is sure to start your day off right.
Most of us know we have a purpose but need a little kick to be reminded!  We desire to help you with that!
What if we all caught a glimpse of our worth and purpose?  How would our circle be impacted?  This little short E-Devo is sure to encourage you!
Maybe you need a fresh look at yourself through the eyes of another sister!  That’s me!
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I love a good shirt that keeps me between the ditches durin the day, how about you?
Virtuous doesn’t mean what we’ve been taught it means all these years! Virtuous women are brave and courageous!  The Biblical term has the word “army” attached to it. Now that is my kind of woman! 
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Stepping Out Of The Shadows


Sign up today for our  fall Bible study beginning September 1, 2022!  

These studies will be taught by some of my favorite local Christian women. We will be rotating through teaching some of our favorite “shadow” girls who trusted God in bold ways.
There are so many women in the Bible who literally
served God in the shadows.
These women would be considered “nobodies” in our day!
We all struggle with wanting to be “significant” for the kingdom.
These women were significant and yet many of us
haven’t ever heard their full story.
This study will celebrate the “nobodies” who served God
through boldness often times from the shadows!

 Join us in person at Catalyst Church in Mayfield Ky

or in the Facebook group.

Our Beauty and Bold study will begin on September 1, 2022!
We hope to see you there!!!

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