Faithful Mentorship

Merriam Webster defines mentor as
– a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.
-one who acts as a wise and faithful guide and monitor,
especially of a younger person;
an intimate friend who is also a sage counselor,
as of one who is young or experienced.

This morning as a stood in my kitchen
slicing carrots to dehydrate them….

this thought made into a meme came to me.

I usually think of a mentor as someone who teaches me.
I sit down as a student and learn from them but as of late
it has been my experience that the mentors in my life
are the ones that didn’t “school” me per say but
they are the ones who took me into the next room
and allowed me to watch them flourish there
and operate in their gifts.

This is a huge revelation for me….

You are a mentor to someone….
You may immediately push back on me….
Do it if you will…but you are a mentor to someone!

Someone is walking into a new room
because you had the faith to step in there first!

Who are you mentoring…just by being faithful!!






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