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For They Are Watching

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With the recent words John MacArthur spoke against Beth Moore, we are certainly seeing the church experiencing heavy division. We all know a divided house can not stand.




The church seems to be in a sad state these days. I think we can all agree on that. No matter which side of this Biblical issue you are on.




We (the church)have become ravenous toward each other over theological differences.  I believe theological concerns should

absolutely be talked about but when it comes to defaming and devaluing others…it’s gone too far.  I think we all know that.   




Do we all have to make sure the world sees us as all knowing when it comes to the word of God?

Is either camp able to answer some of the questions God asked Job?

In an attempt to “set the other straight” we have further damaged the cause of Christ in this world.




Let’s all own that on every side. 

I wonder if the world looks on and balks at our lack of unity and hatred for each other.

Will they follow disunity? That is my concern for the day. 

Regardless of theological positions, we must esteem each other higher than ourselves.

Philippians 2:3




This didn’t start with the statements MacArthur made and it won’t end with him. No matter your view.

Please no bashing. I have no time or heart space for Christians who speak ill or want to cram their theological  viewpoints at others.

We see it surely will backfire.  I think the biggest conversation to have is if what has happened looks like Christ. 

It’s a great object lesson for us in the church. 





I have learned and have spoke freely that any sect of people whether race or gender when belittled or is seen as less valuable will one day speak out. 

I have read about many women that are broken at the state of the church at this season in history.

Regardless of your view on the issue, just know some of the women in your church are hurting and/or confused. 

Please acknowledge that.





Can I share a warning to the church?



Please study…. Please study for yourself


Know it backwards and forwards.





Read from people that you’ve considered wrong all your life. 

Don’t just read after folks that have the same viewpoint.

Learn to rightly divide…

You might say, I would never read from someone who didn’t hold the same views I do.

  If you know the scripture you will be able to refute what you read through scripture.

It’s a good exercise in rightly dividing scripture with scripture.




My hope is that we all realize everyone have deep seeded beliefs that come from our denominational backgrounds and/or interpretation of scripture. 

Find your position on issues from studying the Word of God yourself.










Most of the time the issue isn’t the issue. Please read slowly and prayerfully.

As I continue to grow in the word,  there are some things you won’t change my mind

about no matter how loud you scream.





But when we scream at each other we just might lose the opportunity to share the gospel to a lost world


……for they are watching.