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God, Why Am I Being Left Out?

by | May 3, 2021 | Bible Study | 2 comments

God, Why Am I Being Left Out?


Let’s start with the hard questions….



Have you ever been privy to “peak inside” a room but not be invited in? 



Have you ever felt “left out” because you weren’t actively excluded but not purposefully included?




Have you wondered if there was something wrong with you when you were over looked time and time and time again?








Man, I have fought this insecurity most of my life BUT when I started really walking intimating with Christ,

I started learning a few things…

……I didn’t need to be invited in to feel or be whole.

……I didn’t need to walk into rooms for validation.

……I didn’t need to be included to feel worth. 




Can we just be frank with this… people pleasing was my idol. We call it people pleasing cause it sounds cute but…let me throw a word on you…

In Bible study the other day God just laid it bare for me.He said, “Marni you call it people pleasing because it sounds cute but I call it “idol worship”.  Nope.. no buddha in my living room, no love of money.. .but love of man…yep! Got that one in spades…so do most of you!




Here’s what I’ve slowly but surely gotten in my head. My wholeness comes from Christ. My validation is secure in His work for me on the cross. I am included in Him… you see how this would affect me when I wouldn’t be “included” or invited into certain spaces…BUT God has taught me some very valuable things. One of them is some doors don’t open because they don’t lead where I’m going.  That is a tough one right there!!!!






Sitting with the fact that many times in my life I have felt excluded or I didn’t fit was actually by Gods design.


I didn’t fit !!!   

I didn’t fit the room !!!



I didn’t fit and that was Gods design….

Did you hear that hit you gut???




If some of us would really grasp that we would walk away with more freedom than we’ve had in a hot minute. Sometimes it becomes uncomfortable when we aren’t “invited in” but it just may be that you aren’t invited in because those doors don’t lead where He has visioned for you to walk…



So….this last line that may sting….

Get out of your head. 

I know… I know that’s tough talk but folks I am preaching to myself here….




Since I said the hard thing, let me add a few more things to really take to God in prayer….






……Every door that doesn’t open for you isn’t a “rejection” from someone. 

……Every time someone doesn’t speak to you isn’t a “dismissal” of who you are. 

……Every door that seems to be purposefully kept from you isn’t a mark against you. 


Sometimes God says no…..

……because you are not built for that room.

……because the room will stifle your direction.

……because the room is too big for you.

……because that room doesn’t lead where you are going!