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Healing Is An Inside Job

by | Sep 13, 2023 | Bible Study | 0 comments

Healing Is An Inside Job


Healing is an inside job came in the form of a one-liner from God.  Sometimes one liner thoughts come out of the blue. They can seem off the wall but they usually have tentacles that are purposefully ready to snag into the depths of my soul. Healing is an inside job was literally flowing out of my heart this morning. 

I have a nursing background. I graduated nursing school in 1987 but I haven’t practiced in years but some of that training never leaves you. You wouldn’t want me your bedside nurse but I’d do in a pinch. The thought of this one liner “healing is an inside job” takes me back to nursing school and doing a stent in wound care.


Wounds from surgery or from trauma can be gnarly. When they aren’t properly cared for they never heal well. Wounds are a curious thing though. They look like they are healed from the outside but never fully restored to a pre-trauma state. It all can look completely healed but the inside is still unresolved.

Much of this applies to the spiritual and physical traumas of our lives. Some of us look like we’ve healed. Our lives are  shiny and polished on the outside yet we have gaping wounds left unhealed. This affects every relationship, job, home and ministry position. 

Healing is in fact an inside job and it’s imperative I heal. We must  acknowledge the places we’ve not healed and begin to expose those gaping wounds to Jesus. The hard to reach hurts we’ve tucked away on purpose must be handed over to Him.  He’s the only one that can heal the ones that were easier to leave gaping on the inside because the wound was too deep to take time for it to truly heal. 

Actual wounds from surgery or trauma require special tools, machines, time and salves. Physical, spiritual and emotional ones have those too and Jesus has all of those special tools to begin and complete the healing process. The Holy Spirit makes sure to remind us it’s time for wound care. By the time many of us get to the point where we are ready to deal with a past hurt, it has festered and even more healing is required. 




Healing is an inside job. It’s a job for Him. So many times we run to others for healing, for affirmation and for deliverance.  I love a good friend group or ministry leaders but none can do the inside job of healing we need.  We hide our bleeding areas well. If you don’t realize that, look around at your church pews on Sunday. We come with our Sunday best on while hiding our areas that need deep healing.





I’m so thankful He speaks in the quiet to the wounds no one knows about. As we listen to His voice and lean into His voice for healing, hope and fresh vision for the future comes, deep healing can finally happen.

Healing is an inside job…




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