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Hey Jesus Girl, What’s Your Motivation?

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Hey Jesus Girl !!!  What’s Your Motivation ?














Hey Jesus girl what’s your motivation came out of a lesson
God was trying to teach me recently….
When God drops a word like this….
it sure can sting, can’t it?
Sometimes we don’t want to sit
with things like this because our heart is deceitfully wicked
and no man can know it-  Jeremiah 19:7
God whispered this one liner in my ear about 3 weeks ago.
I typed in my phone and just today….. I’m revisiting it!
Keepin’ it real friends!
How many of you know sometimes God can slide
something into your dm’s…
but you just aren’t ready
to dissect it yet ????
How many of us really want to be used by God but the season of fruit doesn’t come and we wonder why?
God knows why……  We may ask, “God, why do I feel this call and yet I feel stuck?”   You know you’ve been called and set apart but here you sit!
I have an answer for that if you are willing to hear.  Perhaps it’s that we still need some pruning.
Sure!  We are on the right track and we know we are called
but if we were unleashed too early, we would cause more damage….
or it could go deeper…
hang with me folks….
Sometimes we believe our hearts are on the right track but God knows we still have much to learn.
God knows our hearts can be skewed
but as we lean into Him He will expose how our hearts may be on track in one area
but still a little selfish in the other.
I am reminded of the story in Matthew 20: 20-22 where the mom of  sons of Zebedee’s ask for her 2 boys to get the opportunity to sit on Jesus right and left.   I can totally look at that and say, ” arrogant!” 
I wonder if I wrote down my hearts desire would it look just as arrogant?
Y’all know I type it as I get it !!!
The line of purpose and position sure can get blurry sometimes.
We can truly believe we are focused on purpose
when actually we are fixated on appointment….
this is the line I want you to read over and over.
There is a way you can know God has something juicy in it for you.
When you read it and you immediately became offended at it…
Your flesh won’t like it.
It will push back against truth EVERY TIME !
If you immediately thought ugly thoughts about me… litmus test !
Your flesh doesn’t like being called out… mine either friends… mine either!!!
God still produces fruit in the obscure moments
that no one sees just like He does the “big” spotlight moments my friends….
You know I am big on transparency so I can be brutally honest with myself and you and say I see now when I started this journey my spirit was a little off…..  I wanted to be used by God but I can’t say that my heart didn’t need a little tuning.  Well it needed alot of tuning. Let’s no under spiritualize this journey we are all on. Call a spade a spade girls !
He is, as He always does, transforming my heart into a vessel He can use. I have desires for the kingdom I’ve never had before. He is working on me!  Thank you Jesus !!!!
After all, isn’t what this journey is all about.  We are walking with Him to become more in His likeness!
Remember friends, He still gets the glory when we plant seeds in the dark
as He does when we plant seeds in the light…
so my question is….
Are we looking for position or focused on purpose?
Jesus had the most lowliest of positions on earth yet was focused on purpose.  His purpose was to carry the cross. 
May we carry our cross in our generation…..
 focused on purpose not on position.