Have you ever had God expose something in your life that you thought was a good thing but when your flesh joined in with it, it became sinful?  This is where this particular study started!  God spoke to me in an unusual way and got my attention as only He can.  When He brought a few of mine to light I argued with God.  Kind of like when Peter rebuked God.  Can I say that’s never a good thing?  God gets the corners and crevices to dig into!  He did and boy am I thankful! When I say I was blinded by it… I was so unaware! Church, we rarely are! 

I am finding out that idols can be hidden in many places. They can be hidden in the ministries you do in His name today and in the seasons of your past that still haunt you. Anything that you find yourself bowing to today… is an idol. 

You ready to be real with yourself? Click play then!  Just remember I love ya!


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