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Holy Roller Coaster Rides With God

by | Nov 27, 2022 | Bible Study | 0 comments


Are you stuck? I mean are you spiritually stuck! Maybe you sense you’re stuck because there have been seasons where lots of movement was happening between you and God.  No one wants to “stay stuck” but how often we don’t pay the price for growth.The price for growth is trusting God in the dark. I love it when God shines a flood light on the way and the path is super clear but often times….
The dim backroads require faith. Without faith it’s impossible to please God. Yet we live as if living without faith and simply adding church attendance, good works and kindness will somehow please Him. Living a faithful life comes at a cost. It comes with the cost of moving in the dark. It comes with trusting Him without the full picture.
Oh how I desire to simply read the book and hear Holy Spirit speak in the shadows for choices and direction.
May He be the only one who has the reigns of our lives. Faith will take us on a holy roller coaster with lots of blind turns…. but oh the ride!  We are blessed to honor Him with the blindfolds on knowing faith will untie them….

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