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How Healthy is your Heart

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How Healthy is Your Heart?

Matthew 13



I love a good parable!

A parable is an earthly story with heavenly meaning.

In scripture, Jesus would share a “parallel” from something folks knew about in that day to a spiritual lesson He wanted them to learn.


The Parable of the Soils is so rich! No pun intended. But it is so rich with everyday application for us today!

This “parallel” is between an actual seed that’s planted in the ground  to the seed of Gods word being planted into a persons heart. There are lots of variables that affect how much growth comes from a single seed that’s put into the ground. Let’s check it out!



Make no mistake about it!  Scripture tells us that when anyone hears the word and they don’t understand it, the enemy is hot on your heels to take away what has been sown(the seed of Gods word) in your heart. 

Doesn’t that just make you mad?  Grrr!




Take the time to do some deeper study when you don’t understand something.  Make sure that seed gets down in your heart before the enemy tries to steal it away! 





I love what Matthew has to say about this.  This type of heart, the thorny heart,  hears what God is saying to her but she is so worried about so many things that her productivity and potential “spiritual fruit” is choked out by the cares of this world.  Wow!  Now that is an eye opener right there isn’t it?




It’s important for us to make sure the weeds that affect our heart are cleared out. This is would be similar to doing “spring cleaning” on your house.  We need some spiritual clean out as well.




I think this is probably where most of us stay. 

We have to many “irons in the fire” and to many “to do lists”!

The fruitfulness He has for us comes at a cost. Sometimes it means saying no to other areas that have sucked your time and resources.  I want to spiritual fruit above all else. What about you?






You can be around the greatest preaching and be a part of tons of Bible studies but if your heart is hard…nothing is going to grow there sista! 



Sometimes we have to go through the process of God plowing up the hard places in our hearts before we can accept the seed (the word) that He has for us before we  can even be ready for growth in our spiritual walks.  Hard places may look like hurts, disbelief and brokenness. Ladies, the list is seriously endless!  We all have hard places where nothing grows. God is the great plower of your heart.  This one sneaks up on you!  Ask God to show you where your hard places are….






Most of us want to be instantly a super christian. It doesn’t happen. A walk with Christ is often like the progression of seed as it matures.

It takes time!


We can hear the word of God and accept it as truth but because we have no deep root system,  growth never happens.

Allow God to teach you little by little. Maturing in relationship with Christ is a day to day process.  We are all on this journey together.  The fruit comes once the root is in place.





I love that scripture gives us an example of what a healthy “spiritual” heart looks like! When we have a heart that has had  the hard places broken up then the seed can take root!  Now there is some good news!!

When we hear the word and understand it, we will bear fruit!!!

It’s a promise from the word of God !


I can’t imagine planting one tomato seed and getting 100 tomatoes in return but that is the kind of spiritual crop we can expect when we have paid attention to what could be hindering our spiritual growth and maturity.

Often times we are stuck in our Christian walk because we have hard, dry and thorny places.  Our hardened hearts need exposed to the Lord so He can gently plow up the hard ground.  The dry places need the watering of the word that allows that seed to grow.  He has so much for you!

There is so much fruit just waiting to come from the seed

He has planted in you!It starts with the condition of our hearts!





I can’t wait to see you flourish as He pursues you.

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