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In The Absence


What are you speaking about?
What are you proclaiming?


Right now with 24/7 social media and everyone having their version of the truth, it sure is hard to really know what’s truthful and what’s not. When there is a lack of being able to discern truth, it is imperative that we speak boldly about what Christians know they can gather around as REAL truth.

Right now, WE AS THE CHURCH are divided between republican issues and Democrat issues. Do you see it? Is this you? Is it me? Are we spiritually discerning about our own sin or just the sin of others?

Right now, WE AS THE CHURCH,
can’t seem to agree on vaccinated and unvaccinated and the church is being divided by it. Yes I went there! Someone needs to say it. Can you see how sly the enemy is in dividing the church?




are being divided by worldly conflict. Who are we? Are we not called by God and not by man? Division is not of God and yet we all have our two cents of “unadulterated” truth we always throw in. How arrogant the church has become….







Our calling is to spread the gospel. Forgive my country talk but…
What “chew” spreading??


Look at your social media feed, check out those text messages…

You spreading what we all “know” to be true or whatever worldly system you have aligned yourself with… this one hit me too!

Are we dividing or creating unity? Are we being used by the enemy as a decisive tool?

This time in history is critical to speak what we know is actual truth! Be careful friends… we don’t get this time back!