Our walk with God seems to have slipped from a personal one to a corporate one and it’s disarming us. Our personal study with Christ has been hijacked. So many times we inadvertently try to “line up” our spiritual thinking or our theological viewpoint with a leader or a people group. There are many deep seated reasons for that but this is not a deep dive post for that purpose.

We will never be able to answer a deep but simple question Jesus asked in Mark 8:27-29 if we don’t know Him personally.





It’s paramount that we study individually and relationally with Christ to know who He is for ourselves. Others, those even close to you, have their interpretation of who Jesus is.


Jesus lays it out there so no one can be confused. He says, “but who do you say I am?”

Who do you say He is?

Not “who your pastor says He is.”

Not “who your denomination

says He is.”

Not “who the latest Bible

study teacher told you He was.”

As you read the word and Holy Spirit teaches you …and as you walk this walk with Him…. Who do YOU say He is?

I think we are thrown by every wind of doctrine because we don’t KNOW for ourselves. We’ve become comfortable with others doing the digging and telling us who He is.

It’s time to take back the spoon people and stop being spoon-fed someone else’s version of who God is.


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