Introducing the RCG Ministries Text Group!

Your Daily Dose of Inspiration!

Are you ready to embark on a journey of spiritual growth and inspiration? Our text group is your go-to source for uplifting messages, encouragement, and soul-enriching Bible teachings delivered right to your phone every day.

Wake up to a heartwarming message filled with love, hope, and wisdom. That’s exactly what our text group offers! We’ve curated a community where positivity flows, and every message is designed to brighten your day and strengthen your faith.


Receive your daily dose of inspiration directly to your phone – no need to search for it; it comes to you!

Exclusive Content

We are excited to offer week day prompts of encouragement, one-liners, memes and occasionally private teachings in the form of blogs that will be available to this group only


For a small monthly subscription, you can enjoy the benefits of a community focused on love, faith, and encouragement.

RCG Daily Text Subscription

I consent to receive text messages from RCG Ministries and Marni Ausenbaugh. I understand that I will be billed monthly by RCG Ministries for the service and may incur additional charges from my phone carrier for text or data services. I understand that I may stop the service at any time, but no refunds or prorated amounts are offered for payments made.

$7.00 for each month