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Well if you have found this landing page, you’ve heard we have a new ministry opportunity.  If not, let me share with you to see if this might be something you are interested in.   RCG Ministries is  in the process of working on a monthly subscription group simply to encourage the body of Christ. With social media being unreliable at times we wanted to give you another option.  The subscription will include “weekday” encouragements sent directly to your phone.  These encouragements will include private short video encouragements, one liners and links to Bible studies just for our subscription group.   The content will vary. We have so many thoughts and things to encourage you with so this is an amazing way to do just that. 

The “beta” subscription group pricing will be $7.00.  Once we open it up for the public it will most likely be between $10.00-$12.00.  This is about the price of a latte.  We will have the beta pricing open until December 15, 2023. Our tech team is working on the back-end of technology to make this a possibility and see if it will work.  If you are interested in this option please email and simply type the promo code: RCGTEXTSUB2023BETA. We will keep you in the loop when it rolls out.  You are not signing up for the subscription group at this time. You are simply saying, “I might be interested”!  We are trying something new! Let’s see how it goes!!  We are hoping to be ramped up and begin in December. We are looking to see if this is something that would serve you well. 




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-Marni Ausenbaugh





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