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Scratch and Dent

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The Scratch and Dent Section



This year has reminded me of the scratch and dent section at the grocery store. The product is still good but she’s taken a beating  in transit. I see so many Christians post how amazing their year has been. Often times we purposefully curate and edit out hardship and the whys of the Christian walk. I think sometimes us hiding the warfare and struggle to stay in the fight gives unrealistic expectations of what it truly looks like to follow Christ.  It’s not all perfectly posed pictures with coffee mugs beside our favorite perfectly cured journals. This is warfare. There is a cost. 


This has been a year of the highest of highs and the lowest of spiritual lows. I’m not using poetic license here. It truly has been. This last year has held the biggest surrenders of my life and some of the biggest valleys I’ve witnessed. Often times they go hand in hand. I am still walking away with a deep sense of His closeness in both the highs and the lows. I have a deep gratitude that He’s always speaking. Mountain tops give great views. Valleys do as well.

This year brought lots of clarity.I’d like to share some of the things that in the midst of a crazy year I can still say I am thankful for. 




I’m thankful ….



God is exposing myself to me.


-For family. 


-For increased freedom in Him. 


-For clarity in lots of areas. 


-I’m learning growth isn’t always an upward graph. It’s a tug of war in the spirit realm of meshing my hearts desire to align with His. Sometimes it takes lots of lessons in bowing low. 


-That I’m realizing self reflection with God about myself in the prayer closet is the missing piece to my struggle with others. 


-For God stretching my boundaries. 


-For friends. 


-For complete surrender to the path He has for me. 


-For grasping the importance of my shoelaces not getting tangled with other runners on the track so much so that I get all tangled up in their race. I can’t run my race with endurance that way. 


-God’s clarity of my next move will come if I’ll just be patient. I won’t miss it if I keep my ear to His heart. 


-For places He has said no. 


-For doors He closed because they were the beginning of the hallway to the next room. 


-For His mercy when I got it wrong. 


-God has taught me on a much deeper level that Holy Spirit is THE best teacher. 


-I’m learning that transformation only happens when your moldable.


-For answered prayer…. Even hard ones. 


-For getting a clearer picture of how the enemy creates chaos to rush me when the Holy Spirit speaks calmly and clearly…. and sanely.


-I’ve learned rest is a holy thing. 


-That God is never late. Even if He makes you wait 54 years. 


-He speaks literally in the midnight hour. I don’t miss it then. 


-That time doesn’t heal all wounds but it does bring clarity. 


-For the simple life. 


-That I know without a shadow of a doubt God is moving mightily in my life because I now understand the phrase, new levels new devils. This one I’m still in process with.


-For God teaching me contentment in the simple things. 


-For His patience to mature me until I grasped and studied enough to say yes to His “come what may” surrender. 


-I’m getting glimpses of realizing I can’t figure God’s divine plan out. I’m getting lots of practice in learning how to glide on the waves. 


-Hearing “well done thy good and faithful servant” is finally the only voice I’m interested in. 


-He has been the ear that I could tell it all to. Y’all know there are some things no one hears but Him.


-Seasons build upon each other. Doors close because they were simply meant to be a season. They were needed for my maturity during a time and era of my life . I’m thankful God knows when hibernation is needed and when it’s time to bear fruit. 


-I’ve learned hardships come  to give us opportunity to lean in. If we pull away from God during the darkest days then we miss intimacy, surrender and experiencing Him as the ultimate healer. 


-He is the Waymaker. 


-For learning how to trust gentle and quiet spirit and not angry arrogant ones. 


-He’s not done when it looks done.



This is the full view of a life that’s leaning in to what God. I’ve not buffed out the scratches or pulled out the dents of this years journey.  I really see no need. I wanted to share them.  In fact to not share the truth leaves others with a plastic version of what it really looks like. It’s hard and holy work to push the gas hard toward God but Heaven awaits those to who need to count the cost before full surrender. There are people who need to hear He is still worthy of the climb.  This is why we soldier up day after day. 



From one scratched up warrior to another…. Keep in the battle.

Keep your armor on and connection to the commander strong.  






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