The Simple Gospel

Video Tutorial

I love this tutorial for what it stands for. This simple little church speaks volumes to those who walk by faith.
It’s amazing that a simple little country church can take us back to a simpler time and can refocus us in such a sweet way.

Once you have these skills you’ll find yourself making them over and over again. There are very few supplies needed to paint this beautiful church.

It will be a gift that never goes out of style.

Materials List

  • Liquitex Modeling Paste or Gel Medium – BUY NOW
  • White Paint – BUY NOW
  • Paint Brushes – BUY NOW
  • Turquoise Paint – BUY NOW
  • Black Paint – BUY NOW
  • Light Sandstone Paint (for background) – BUY NOW
  • Dark Chocolate coCoa Paint ( mix raw umber and white)
  • Pallet Knives – BUY NOW
  • Raw Umber Paint – BUY NOW
  • Credit Cards
  • Putty Knife – BUY NOW
  • Gold Metallic Paint – BUY NOW