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Step Up To The Stool

by | Aug 9, 2023 | Bible Study | 0 comments






Step up to the stool is a cry for unity. The world, both Christians and non-Christians realize we are not a unified as a nation. We fight and bicker about everything. Now I can see that in the life of unbelievers but unity should be the hallmark of the faith family. How do we grasp unity again? I think a good place to start is generationally. Both young and old coming to the table together and seeing to it that the life of Christ is told to the next generation. There is a really profound example of how this happens in Exodus. Join in with me as we preview an old Facebook Live where I chat about the importance of the guarding position and the birthing position in the kingdom of God.  You are in one or possibly both at the same time. 


The enemy has sold us a line of bull. We are gravely important to the message of Christ going forward. We are in the birthing or the guarding position. Which one are you? Let’s get a good view of the battle so we can step back in. 







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