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Tempters or Blessers

by | Mar 9, 2023 | Bible Study | 0 comments

Tempters Or Blessers


I asked the Lord to give me a thought for the day. He gave me a picture of a brand new door that has just been opened. How many of us love new doors? We love the excitement of the new! What will it hold?  The new could be a new relationship, a new job, a new spiritual assignment. The word “new” seems to always hold the connotation of goodness. 



We always expect to see blessings behind new doors! How exciting it is to be obedient? It takes courage to even walk up to the door much less open it. We are obedient with great anticipation to see what God will do next!  Most of us are actively praying something this, “God open doors that no man can shut!”  Another prayer may resound like this, “God use me in such a unique way that I will know it’s you!” So when a new door opens we might assume it’s from the throne. 


God began to red flagged to me this morning that there will always be an abundance of temptations. Then God built on what I saw. All I could see was an open door with the big word “temptation” filling the space. I know this applies to me in the season that I am in but I think it just might apply to more than myself. 


Be wise brothers and sisters in a season where your heart is eager to be obedient. The KING of Glory isn’t the only one that sees your allegiance to Him.


Weed through the mind fields and continue to squint to see His next step. Blessings and temptations will abound in a season of fruitfulness.




Just because you opened the door doesn’t mean it’s easy street or that it’s from the throne room. 


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