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The 4th Watch Trial

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The term “4th watch trial” may not make any sense at first glance.

The 4th watch trial means a trial that comes in the darkest part of the night.  We’ve all been part of one that comes out of no where. Jesus seems to be no where around and the waves are battering us to where we feel like we are going down.


This 5 minute devotion sticks right in the heart of every Christian.

Miracles can happen during the 4th watch trial. It’s good stuff!


Only 5 minutes!  Hang with me!!!




Three things to remember:


Number 1

God is praying even as we go through a trial in the darkest part of the night.


In this passage, the battle is raging and it seems as if Jesus is no where to be found. Scripture tells us Jesus was praying while the storm was raging. How precious is it to know that during the storm He is praying.




Number 2

4th Watch trials are appointed by God.


God made them get into the boat knowing that the storm was coming. That gives me hope my friend. That means He knew the disciples were headed to a storm. Of course He did. It’s hard for Christians to wrap our head around the fact that God would purposefully send us into a storm but He does.  He appoints trials of correction and instruction. Our perception of the storm can be altered by knowing God appoints them from His very hand.




Number 3

4th watch trials are prime spots for miracles to take place.


Peter may have never gotten the chance to walk on water had he not been in a storm he couldn’t control.  Sure he sunk, but he was also able to see Jesus do miraculous things like allowing him to walk on water and calm a storm with His words.  4th watch trials are bad when the storm has our attention but not when our eyes are fixed on Him.