The enemy makes it appear that having a relationship with God is difficult. There isn’t a day that goes by that the slithering snake doesn’t try to plant false information about God in my heart and head.  The lies start with, “you can’t meet His expectation”. Another one is, “you’ll never measure up”!  Maybe something like, “you have nothing to give or that your past has affected God’s ability to love you”!  Weeding through the false information being hammered in our heart by the enemy is crucial to relationship. We do that by knowing Him more intimately. By the way… all those statements I just shared… lies… all lies! 

In my own private maturing time, I heard a speaker say, “He is the God who wants us to know Him”. Y’all I have to be completely transparent and say that struck me as deep. If you are in it for a 30 day devo/one liner event with me then you are in it for growth as well.  

Those kinds of girls, like you and I, who have walked with Christ a long time, can glaze by the most simplest of statements with a religious “amen”.  These kinds of statements should be like mashed potatoes and gravy to a country girl. You know the kind of food that sticks to your ribs? This is a rib sticking statement for me. “He is the God who wants us to know Him” can get lost in all of our religious hoopla yet it should cause us to sit in wonder that He actually has set things in motion for us to truly know Him. I know this is a no brainer but sometimes I don’t think the profound sticks because we don’t give it enough pondering time.  I’m here to open the conversation.

You guys are going to get a little look-see into how my brain processes things. It might be a smidge scary but I am willing to risk it. Just like the movie, Divergent when Four asks Tris to go into the cyber program with him where she would see all his fears. She asks, “are you sure you want to?” I’m not sure you want to see all that’s in my brain but let’s go there anyway. This is how relationship is built. I’m in if you are! Transparency is a piece the church is missing and it’s killing intimacy and maturity which has killed our reach into the world. So I am game…









I love how the Holy Spirit works! When I just began to sit with this simple statement He started laying it all out there for me.  This won’t be deep or a new revelation but as I always say, the simple can become the profound if it finally resounds in your spirit. When it happens, you are never the same. True change occurs there. 

Jehovah God, a God who wants us to know Himself, first of all went to the cross. This one we take for granted but it needs to be stated. I earned death. I deserved nothing yet I received access to relationship through His death. The process of the cross should cause us to pause in reference yet we rarely do. We have become too common with the Holy… that my friend is an entire different long conversation I believe we need to have.

The gap created by sin had to be bridged so He came…for relationship, you guys!!!!  His son dying allowed the relationship to even become possible.  This one you probably have some grasp on but let’s keep going…

As I just began to ponder on “this is the God who wants me to know Him” the fact that He left me not only the Holy Spirit as a comforter…which we under utilize….but that He gave us spiritual gifts that are a part of His character has become apparent to me. This is the one I am still processing…

When I think about the gifts: encouragement, giving, leadership, mercy, prophecy, serving, teaching, administration, discernment, healing, interpretation of languages, words of wisdom, faith, helps, words of knowledge, miracles, pastor and evangelist doesn’t that sound like Him?  He is all in one!!! He left not only the person of the Holy Spirit but also gifted me in areas that He was endowed with as well. He was an encourager.  He was giving. He was a leader. He showed so much mercy. He performed miracles. He was a teacher. He healed people. Do you see what I am seeing for the first time?

Friends, don’t just glaze over that!!!!  He gave YOU gifts to be enjoyed by the entire body of Christ that are part of Kingdom work. The Holy Spirit left these things for you!!  He left them for me!!!  That sounds like relationship to me. Shew wee! This will make a Baptist wanna shout!!!  He loved me enough to allow me to continue operating in kingdom work after He left this earth through the gifts the Holy Spirit gave me. Doesn’t that sound like a God who wants me to truly know Him? You and I get to participate in the Kingdom as His representative to the world!!!  Friend, He is not hidden as the enemy would have us believe. He has completed the work and left me a down payment of relationship with Him. 

This may not hit you as it did me but man I feel like I just sat down with a steak and it’s a porterhouse!!!  It’s not that I’ve never tasted it before but the flavor of the meat is sitting a little different this time.  Have you ever known a passage before but then in a different season of life you read it again and it’s like new life comes from it?   Yeah!  Me Too!!!  That’s how this was for me. I know all the things I just typed and have known it but God is allowing me a little extra glimpse of the importance of operating in the gifts that the Holy Spirit gave me!!  


YOU !!!!  

You have been gifted by the Holy Spirit to operate and do KINGDOM work here on this earth!  

 Not just your pastor !  
Not just your Sunday school teacher !
Not the tele-evangelist you watch on the tube…


He is in such relationship with you that He left you a part of Himself to impact this world with.  That my friend… if you sit with it….will put a fire in your belly and a sword in your hand.  

Sis… you have work to do!  
Bruh…why are you sitting on the sidelines? 
Family…get to steppin!!  

The Kingdom is a foot and we have been waiting on “who knows who to lead us” and yet scripture tells me that He loved me enough and thought me capable enough to use these gifts to be a picture of His love to this world.  


For my friends reading this who have bought the lie the enemy fed to you that relationship with Him can’t be attained…

HOGWASH… is the name of JESUS…HOGWASH!!  

He is a liar from the pit of hell! Your sin separated you but He has done everything to restore relationship with you… even giving you gifts to represent Him with…sounds like an open invitation to know Him to me, doesn’t it you?  Sounds like to me He has pulled out all the stops to be in a close knit relationship with me! 

Maybe a little 8 watt lightbulb has just gone off in your head…think on it!
Don’t just leave the email…chew on it. Pray on it! 

In any relationship both parties have to show up. I think we’ve believed more lies about our relationship status with God than we have believed the truth. Maybe you need to upgrade your relationship status from a question mark to a check mark!

Check mark and Checkmate!

The enemy no longer gets to hang that lie over your head that God won’t, doesn’t or won’t be in relationship with me. Your sin may make you wanna hide but he ain’t hiding my friend!  Gotta see it the way it truly is.

This my friend is where wars are won.
Wars are won when we stand on what we know about the character of God!

The enemy is slick my friends!  He will ride the lie until you dispel it with truth.  You can know the truth but if you don’t know it enough to fight with it, you’ll keep believing the lie!

Yes, I know I’m a little preachy today but I am fired up!

Glory be to God!
The relationship has been mended!!



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