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The Good Shepherd Versus The Hireling

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The Good Shepherd Versus The Hireling


John 10: 1-12 is a passage full of wisdom.

One Sunday morning while my pastor was preaching God ran a “rabbit trail” with me. I hope and pray I am not the only one who God takes on an alternate route on Sunday morning. I have to be honest and say I love it when God does that. It’s like a little nugget just for me. Something He wants to make sure I do a little further digging on.




This Sunday, God asked me who are the hirelings in my life. I don’t guess I had ever asked myself that. Chances are you haven’t either. Yet scripture is pretty plain on how to know the different. His sheep know His voice! Christ is the only way. All others offering other ways are “hirelings”.


The Bible doesn’t mince words about it! Yet we find ourselves listening to other voices that can lead us off our path. Verse 12 really sat down on my heart!!


The hired man flees and leaves us when the wolf shows up! What happens when the wolf shows up?


We get snatched and scattered. No thank you! I’ll stay close to my Shepherd where I am safe and secure! Who is the hireling in your life?


They were around in Jesus day.

They’re still around today !