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The Jonah Series-Week 6 The Appointed Moments

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The Jonah Series

Week 6

The Appointed Moments




The appointed moments in the book of Jonah sure can be a light for our own journey.


Jonahs disobedience made for some opportunities for God to appoint some difficulty in Jonahs path to draw him back to Himself.

Not all storms or appointed moments in our lives come from disobedience but in the life of Jonah thats exactly what we see.


God is so gracious to take this time in Jonah’s life to give Jonah opportunity to repent yet sadly even at the end of the story we see Jonah still struggling with anger toward God about his plot in life.

We sure can learn what not to do from Jonah’s example but also see the merciful nature of God to love us even in our disobedient state.