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The Jonah Series-Week 2 Greedy With Grace

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The Jonah Series

Week 2

Greedy With Grace




Are you greedy with Grace?

Jonah sure was!

Do you choose based upon the depth of someones sin whether you reach out to them?

Are there those you skirt around because you know they are in deep sin?

Then this lesson is for you.

Digging through our religious teachings is crucial to looking like Christ.

We have some unpacking to do. We must unpack before we can impact! 

This study has been all up in my business of how I look more like Jonah than Jesus.

Jesus is all about reaching even those we would view as His enemies.

Jonah is having none of it. 

Christians, we have tons of work to do in this area! 

Thanks for joining me for this video study through the book of Jonah