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The Life Of Joseph: Week 1 The Aerial View

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The Set Up

The Foundation

The Timeline



The set up, the foundation and the timeline for this session of studying Joseph’s life and timeline starts here! This piece is foundational to our study. Have you ever taken a walk down memory lane through the story of your life and saw pieces that didn’t quite make sense? I’m sure Joseph did too!  Snapshots rarely give us the entire picture.


We aren’t privy to all God is doing in our lives because there are pages yet to be written but we see through the life of Joseph that God was crafting His plan through the life of Joseph to save His people that would ultimately give Him glory.



This week I ask you to write out your timeline. 


Some pieces can drum up old wounds! This study is not meant to do that but to be able to see how “even in the hard” God was working. You will revert back to this teaching many times during this study.


Don’t stop with this one! Don’t get stuck in the weeds of the past.


Just like we see in the life of Joseph, God was working out a plan that would give Him glory even through the hard.


What we think could never give Him glory always does.








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