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The Life Of Joseph: Week 2 And The Lord Was With Joseph

by | Mar 30, 2022 | Bible Study | 0 comments







And The Lord Was With Joseph


Many times while reading the life of Joseph you will see the statement, “and the Lord was with Joseph”. Week 2 we really dive into these statements. When you see them they are almost always in the darkest moments in the life of Joseph.  Have you ever been in such a season of the pits that you asked God, “Where are you?”  I love that scripture is straight up about where He is in our most darkest seasons.



I’m sure you were reminded of some of your darkest times in week 1 when you laid out your timeline.  Where is God when the season is long and pitch black?  He is with us!  When it’s dark and lonely we can rest in the fact that God is with us! We can push through knowing that God has an ultimate plan and that He wastes nothing.





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