My God, My God why has thou forsaken me?
Matthew 27:6


These words seem to leap off the page!  The heartbreak in this moment is palpable!!  Many scholars bank themselves on one side or the other of debate around this scripture. Did God forsake Jesus? Another word in the mix is for “forsake” is “abandon”!  Did God “abandon” Jesus?  But how can God forsake or abandon Christ?   Scripture makes is clear.


I and the Father are one.
John 10:30



I sure wish I knew all the ends and outs of these words but one thing I know is that Christ freely came….for me!!!  Scholars with lots of initials behind their names argue over what was really happening in the heavenlies at this moment. What I do know is that He choose to literally take on not only the sin of all mankind through out history but to experience what seems to be this intense moment with the Father, just for us. Keep in the forefront of your mind John 10:30.



The moment of carrying the sin of all mankind on the cross was the culmination of paying the sin debt. I’ll never truly understand how they are one but yet these words are uttered by Christ.  Friends, it’s ok to not be able to grasp and understand hard scriptures like this. I think we in our arrogance and pride must nail down our stance upon every scripture. I am a mere mortal, I will always grapple with scriptures. It humbles me and allows me to open myself up for God to allow the Holy Spirit to teach me.  Even the deepest theologian doesn’t have it all nailed down, even if they say they do. 


We focus a-lot on the cruelty of the cross. We tout that the cup of suffering Christ wanted to pass from Him was the agony of Roman crucifixion but was it?  Was the cruel agony the fact that He would be carrying in His mortal body the sin of all mankind. Was that the cup? Was this emotional moment between He and the Father ….was this the agony?

As I have walked through this resurrection season, I wonder what was running through the mind of Christ as He hung upon the cross and the weight of the worlds sin was upon Him?  He is sinless! The sins that I have succumb to, He never even entertained. Can you imagine the weight of that? I think about my own sinful life! So many areas in my walk,  I sinned against Him that perhaps no one knows about but me. There is no shortage of them let’s just keep it real. 





As I think about my sin and the wretchedness of it, I can not imagine the weight of the entire world on His shoulders. I can not imagine the spiritual weight transferred upon Christ human body.



We say the cross was heavy, the sin weight was much more debilitating than the simple weight of the wooden beams being laid across His back. Perhaps it was His flesh that was separated but not His spirit because remember scripture tells us,The Father and I are One!  Again, I am not laying it all down in stone, I just wanted to share my pondering of the profound moment in history. 



Am I thankful He paid the price for my sin that I could not? Yes!  Will we ever really understand the magnitude of this moment? Probably not. 
Sins weight is always heavy. Sin always separates us from Christ. I sure am thankful the debt has been paid.


The sin debt has been transferred and paid.  I am thankful for the resurrection! It is finished. 





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