To Much Is Given


This has always been one of my favorite verses. Most of us have been blessed in many areas of life. You might stop and take an inventory every once in a while and really look at the goodness of God in your life. I know it’s a good exercise for me from time to time. No, you may not be a millionaire but you have a personality that draws people! No, you might not have a million dollar home but your hospitality is off the charts.  It’s all perspective folks. We all have been blessed by God. 

I hope those two examples give you insight into digging into your life and seeing how much God has really packaged within you and given you to be a good steward over.

When you realize how God has gifted you whether my supernatural means or by exterior worldly things you start to realize a few things. You realize how important it is that we steward our resources well. We get to steward these gifts for the kingdom!!

I can be completely honest and say often times my first response to God when He wants to add to my already “spiritually” full plate is,  “God I can not take on one more thing” but then He gently reminds me of this verse.  We only get one time around this globe and to much is given much is required.  What a blessing to even think about?

Do you ever feel like you can not add one more thing to your plate? Perhaps you have shown yourself to be a great steward and more is required of you!  Whether you have been given a small gift or a large one, we are blessed to give it back to God. He is the giver of all good gifts!  What do you have to give back?  As we process what gifts we have been given, it’s only natural that we offer them back to Him as an offering.