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Toppling Idols And Disarming Disunity

by | Jan 9, 2023 | Bible Study, Christian Faith, Christian Maturity, Church Life, Church Unity, MicroBlog | 0 comments





The church at Corinth was unlike any church you may visit today. It had idols and worldly ways of life that had infiltrated the church. This caused major disunity among other things. Corinth was essentially a baby church Paul had chartered. He spent 18 months with them helping equip them to live in this tough town of Corinth.  He has been gone for 3-4 years and he hears word that this church is struggling.


Paul writes this letter to encourage them to align themselves back with the teachings they had heard from him. This video focuses on I Corinthians 1: 1-17.  The first issue he deals with in this church is division in relationship to following teachers and leaders. They were divided in who they followed. Paul hits it strong and hard! Christ is not divided and neither should his people be.

It’s a tough reminder for us that we don’t become dis-unified as we find little g gods to worship and follow!  The world is watching! The name of Christ should unify us.  This one still applies today. Paul’s warning is still strong for the church to be careful to guard unity of the faith. This only happens in Christ.




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