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Transforming Trials Summer Bible Week 5 Day 5

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Week 5 Day 5

Mason and Marina’s launching pad statement: Trials will not cease this side of Heaven. But even in the midst of them we can see the beauty and grace of our Lord Jesus guiding us each step of the way.


The writings within the book for day five were glorious, hard and profound. This blog will not be long yet heavy.  As I sit here trying to elaborate on the words penned for the last day of this book,  I have nothing to add.  I’m a word girl and that’s saying something. Marina shares the story of her grandpa’s amazing life and the days that lead up to His passing.  She shares her struggles of anger and loss during this time. Yet, Jesus met her there!   Our lives were never meant to be easy but to glorify God.  To live as Christ and to die is gain became real.


I love the last paragraph of day five. I would love to simply share it with you word for word.  ” As you’re processing your own trials-even if you’re in the middle of one just like me-trust Jesus. And as you’re seeking wisdom and faith and desiring to use every part of your being to glorify God, keep eternity in mind. God wants to use your trials for so much more than you could ever imagine-he wants to use them to transform you.”

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