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Transforming Trials Summer Bible Week 5 Day 4

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Week 5 Day 4  focuses on James 5:1-6

Mason and Marina’s launching pad statement: There are a few things that matter in eternity. Our wealth is not one of those things, but our heavenly riches in Christ is crucial.



Both the poor and the rich are tempted to focus on wealth. The poor need more. The wealthy need more all the while defrauding their workers. James is on it today in our passages.  Wealth or the acquiring of wealth can be a deep pit where we focus worth and time on. Wealth is not all bad in fact, we see many examples in the word of God where wealth saw evangelism flourish.  Money is needed in this time but often times it becomes an idol.  The same is said of the poor. They have not so they strive and strive.

Are you wealthy? No No No! I don’t mean go check you checking account! I mean how are you wealthy in the resources of Heaven God could use even if you are considered “poor” in this world.  What about time? What about relationships? What about influence?  What about opportunities?  The enemy would love for us to focus on the temporariness of money! Is it needed? Yes!  Is it bad? No! Is our idol of money bad? Yes!  Does your money have you or do you have a reign on what throne it has in your heart? Yes. So how can you see yourself as rich in the kingdom today?  Opportunities, time, influence, family and resources are all wealth that can be used for the kingdom.  Flip your thinking and see your gifts and assignments for what they are! You have been given wealth to share!

Don’t let the focus of your wealth or your poverty skew how you do life in this world…. for the next one is coming!




A take-away “one liner”  I see from Mason and Marina for Week 5 day 4 are listed below: 

 “These temporary riches can occupy such a treasured position in our hearts that they can cause us to forsake the permanent riches found in Christ  “.

” Thank God for a moment about the riches God has lavished on you – your family, opportunities, friends, resources, education, not to mention the spiritual rices he’s made available through Jesus.”

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