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Transforming Trials Summer Bible Week 5 Day 3

by | Jul 5, 2023 | Bible Study | 0 comments



Week 5 Day 3  focuses on James 5:12

Mason and Marina’s launching pad statement: One special aspect of human speech is making promises. Keeping those promises is often another story.  Today we will be reminded of God’s faithfulness towards us and how we should use our speech to reflect that to others.

 Today is super short but has huge ramifications in our reach for the gospel.  Does your character back up your promises?  When you give your word does your character back it up?  Does your pinky promise have teeth?   Mason and Marina ask some tough questions today!  Does your word carry weight or is it easily dismissed in those who hear your words?

As we represent Christ our yes should be yes and our no should be no! People should be able to trust our speech and character. Why? Because Jesus always kept His promises!  God is a God of promises that are true.

We must be careful with promises about the future that  we hold no claim to.  Do you find yourself even bargaining with God?  It might sound something like this, ” God if you do… (xyz) then I will do this or that!  I love passages like James 4:13-15 that remind us of this. We hold no claim to tomorrow so we have to be careful in how we “promise” our future!  Do you see how this plays in to our “yes being yes” and our “no being no”?

I love that James tells us this all matters with a simple “so that” addendum tagged on the end of James 5:12

….so that you may not fall into judgment.

God has been giving me lots of clarity in scriptures lately with “so that” statements. This is serious business.  If we carry His character with us, our speech should line up with His character too!

Is my yes as sure as a yes Jesus would give?



A take-away “one liner”  I see from Mason and Marina for Week 5 day 3 are listed below: 

 “God’s yes means yes. God’s no means no. Our yes should mean yes. Our no should mean no. Nothing more. Nothing less  “.

” What you mean when you sweat to God is that you are presenting yourself before the judgement of God if you fail to uphold your obligations. Let James’ words hit you flat in the face: “You will be condemned.”

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