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Transforming Trials Summer Bible Week 5 Day 2

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Transforming Trials is an amazing Bible study written by my good friends, Mason and Marina Shelton.


Week 5 Day 2 focuses on James 5:13-18

Mason and Marina’s launching pad statement: Prayer, worship and confession are three crucial parts of our faith overflowing into works for the glory of God.


Today, Mason and Marina focus on 3 aspects of relationship with God. Prayer, worship and confession are three hallmarks of the Christian life.  The first two are a given! The last one has seems to be the hardest but the dividends spam lifetimes and spaces we have yet to charter.  Just a few thoughts on each are listed here! I really hope you snag the book and delve deeper into their thoughts;


We are given the example of Elijah. In all transparency thing Elijahs results should be the norm. If James words are true and we know they are then we are instructed to pray and that we should anticipate huge results.   The Sheltons really focus on the fact that sometimes God says no.  That He is mighty and limitless!  Yet even the times God gives a no, we trust that our words have been heard!  If we truly believed He was who He says He is how would that change how we process and walk through our next trial?  This is a huge question they ask of us.  Often times our view of God is not as majestic as it should be!



Worship seems to get attached to the “song” selections the worship guy has chosen on Sunday morning. But worship is an attitude of gratitude toward a holy God. It comes out in our focus, our heart, our speech and our choices.  Worship is a lifestyle is not a simple catch phrase. It is truly a lifestyle. It over flows from a heart that gets it and is focused on God’s majestic and as The Sheltons bring out, “His might and majesty”. They truly are limitless!



This is the one we tend to glaze past. Our flesh doesn’t like confession. Before confession comes humility and boy to we need a good dose of that!  I love how James plates confession!  If you are sick, you need to confess it to your brethren!  Why? Because when those righteous folks start praying for you restoration happens!  I truly believe restoration has been on delay because I did not confess it to my brothers.  We are too arrogant sometimes and delay our own restoration. In the same way, we hamper the restoration of others because we aren’t in the position to offer prayers that accomplish much! Shew! Does that sit with anyone???

I went on a tangent away from the book content today! Forgive me! The Word spoke all on its own!

Worship, Prayer and Confession produce works, folks!




A take-away “one liner”  I see from Mason and Marina for Week 5 day 2 are listed below: 

 “One weakness I’ve noticed when teaching on prayer is that there is often too little emphasis on the God to whom we are praying. His majesty and might are limitless! He has the absolute power to do all things  “.

” Take a moment to think about how worship could transform the next trial you walk through”

 How would our hearts respond differently if we focused on His majesty and might more than the obstacle…..

“Take a moment to ponder how prayer could transform the next trial you walk through

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