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Transforming Trials Summer Bible Week 4 Day 1

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Transforming Trials is an amazing Bible study written by my good friends, Mason and Marina Shelton.


Week 4 Day 1  focuses on James1: 9-11


Mason makes a statement on page seventy seven that is something we all need to keep in mind as we walk this walk with folks.  He says “I can remember moments where my “holier than thou” attitude deserved correction.  We are called to keep each other in align with the Father toward Godly living but we have to be careful in the process.



It’s tough going through tough trials as a believer. Is God not good?  Are we rich simply because we have relationship with Christ? YES   The rich man will pass away like the grass one day. As believers we will not!


We must be careful to not be “convinced” as the author of this study tell us not to focus on possessions as our way to be blessed!  We are blessed because our citizenship is in Heaven. This world is not my home!  As Christians, we know “we hold a high rank in the kingdom of God.”



Some take-away “one liners”  I see from Mason and Marina for Week 4 day 1 are listed below: 

 “Humble circumstances remind the people in them that time on earth is temporary. Believers who experience constant hardship find it easier to loosen their grip on the things of this world so that their hands are free to take hold of the one not of this world- Christ. In this sense, believers in humble circumstances are in a high position”


“If we truly understood the lowliness of the position of the rich unbeliever in terms of eternity, we would look at them much differently today. “



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