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Transforming Trials Summer Bible Week 1 Day 5

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Transforming Trials

Week 1 Day 5



Transforming Trials is an amazing Bible study written by my good friends, Mason and Marina Shelton. I can’t wait to share them with you.


Week 1 Day 5  focuses on James 1:12-15


Marina and Mason’s launching pad statement for today is: This week, we have talked a lot about how God is to be praised when he gives us the wisdom to respond rightly to our circumstances. But what happens when our hearts turn away from God?  Is he then at fault?


When the tough trial hits, do you wake up the next day with the word “blessed” on your mind?  Do you have the tendency to blame God for hardship?  God does test us but it’s our own flesh that lives on the struggle bus! When tests come we dive off the deep in into sin. What was meant to show our trust in Him becomes a litmus test for our own flesh getting in the way. When that happens we scurry often times straight into sin!



Some take-away “one liners”  I see  from Mason and Marina for Week 1 day 5  are listed below:

-God ordains trials in order for our faith to be proven genuine.

-We often battle trials on two fronts. We fight the true weightiness of the trial while also pushing back against our disordered desires that tempt us to give way to self-loathing, anger, blame, depression, escapism, etc. that can consum us.



Do you fight the test that leads you to sin? I do! All the time and it grieves the heart of God…….



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