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Transforming Trials Summer Bible Week 1 Day 4

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Transforming Trials

Week 1 Day 4 

Transforming Trials is an amazing Bible study written by my good friends, Mason and Marina Shelton. I can’t wait to share them with you.


Week 1 Day 4 focuses on James 4:4-10


Marina and Mason’s launching pad statement for the day builds off of yesterday’s study: Yesterday we saw that conflicts are the result of dueling desires. Today we will unpack just how much the world has impacted those desires.  And James warns us that those worldly desires lead us away from God.




I’ve not been called an adulteress but James is hot out of the gate in James 4:4.  Yet if we befriend the word James calls us an adulterer!   Never ever do I want to be considered hostile toward God but straight out of the gate, James is gunning for our heart.



Some take-away “one liners”  I see  from Mason and Marina for Week 1 day 4  are listed below:

-As a child of God, God is jealous for you. And He loves you too much to let you destroy yourself.

-We are unfaithful to our covenant relationship with God when we value anything more than him and the things He values.



Meditation Moment from Mason and Marina:

Review the list of five ways James gives us to humble ourselves before the Lord. Then pray the Holy Spirit would accomplish those things in your heart.


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