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Transforming Trials Summer Bible Week 3 Day 1

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Transforming Trials is an amazing Bible study written by my good friends, Mason and Marina Shelton. I can’t wait to share them with you.


Week 3 Day 1  focuses on James 1:19-21


Marina and Mason’s launching pad statement for today is: What are your listening behaviors in conversation?  Let’s learn to use those to listen to the right voices, especially in times of trial.


I’ve never had a Bible study focus on the “slow to anger” portion of this scripture as it relates to God.  Sure! I know to be slow to anger in every day life but being candid about my anger toward God is another conversation all together.  We have to be honest and say sometimes we get “miffed” with God when He allows trials that seem unbearable and to our eyes seem to have no redeeming value!


Are you quick to listen?

Are you slow to speak?

Are you slow to “angered”?


Is James warning us that the ability of the word to be planted in our hearts is directed related to these three questions?  Often times, I am slow to listen. I am quick to speak and quick to be angered or frustrated…even with God.  It’s ok to be completely honest with God. This leads to relationship which produces sanctification.  We all have work to do in this area!



Some take-away “one liners”  I see  from Mason and Marina for Week 2 day 5  are listed below:

-When James say that you should be “quick to listen”, slow to speak, and slow to become angry,” I tend to believe he means we should be quick to listen to his word, slow to speak in response to his word, and slow to become angry at his word

-We must be quiet so we can first hear God’s transformative words.

-In this way, your prayers will reflect the heart of God and what he wants you to ask for in that moment.


Quick tongued, plugged ears and angry hearts are sure fire indicators of a Christian who has some work to do.-Marni




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