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Transforming Trials Summer Bible Week 2 Day 4

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Transforming Trials

Week 2 Day 4



Transforming Trials is an amazing Bible study written by my good friends, Mason and Marina Shelton. I can’t wait to share them with you.


Week 2  Day 4  focuses on James 2: 20-26

Marina and Mason’s launching pad statement for today is: Yesterday James showed us that faith is authenticated by deeds. Today, he reiterates this crucial point.


I love the story of Rahab. She is shown to have a “true” faith by how she responded to the spies that came to her house for shelter. Abraham showed where his faith lay when he offered his son on the altar!  Do you see how deeds or actions show if our faith is real or not? I have to say our true faith, what we truly hang our hats on, comes out in the darkest most oppressive trial!  Out of the heart the mouth speaks is such a true statement.  When I am pressed into a corner, how I respond shows you what I believe.  You see my core values flesh themselves out when God allows the heat to be cranked up in my life.



Salvation is all about faith but that faith has teeth and legs and when we are backed into a corner, if we believe, belief will come out in the form of fruit and deeds.




Some take-away “one liners”  I see  from Mason and Marina for Week 2 day 4  are listed below:

-Rahab betrayed her own country and helped God’s people win the battle.

-The truth is, our ethics do have a reason to them, and the chief reason we pursue right living is because we have entrusted  our lives to Jesus Christ in faith.



What do your deeds show you?  Do some inventory!  When your back is against a wall what comes out?  Does it look like faith?  If not, it’s time to do some checking to see if it’s really “saving” faith!





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